Spirit Conductor HIATUS

Hello fellow readers.

I’m sorry to inform you but I will be hiatus for a long while, because I realized serializing web novel isn’t really for me. This novel has multiple plots going simultaneously and a lot of subtexts hidden in comedy (cringe and forced, so they say) that required intense yet delicate editing to make them work, which requires me to edit back and forth even after I write 300 chapters or more. So I have to offline before write and edit my first arc before publishing it again.

This can last for more than a year. But I assure you, I’m still active and passionate about this novel and plan to finish it if nothing big happens in my life that says otherwise.


Spirit Conductor no new chapters for a while

Hello readers. SideKarakterGendut aka author here.

I will not release Spirit Conductor’s new chapters for a while. Qidian International just opened their Inkstone platform for original novels so I put my novel there for better exposure. Also recently, I continued my novel on RoyalRoadL too and opened a Patreon page (still in testing). And because I plan to update in three other places, I guess I will try to improve the release schedule, so I start at chapter 45 instead continuing from  chapter 50 like here… thus, there will be no chapters for a while in this blog.

EDIT: as SC went hiatus, patreon and SC on other sites canceled. Thx.