Spirit Conductor – Prologue

Hello there people!

First of all, I would like to welcome all of you to my new website.

Here the first chapter (prologue) of Spirit conductor:
Spirit Conductor – Prologue Chapter

Before we proceed to the actual chapters, I would like to introduce myself a little. Because this will a little bit different from other wn sites’ situations.

I am a native Indonesian, an aspiring author who starting to write fictions back around 2011. I don’t have much writing experience at 2013-2017, because that was the time I went to college and tired myself quite a lot. Mid 2017, I felt so unproductive without no idea for my stories so I forced myself to start writing a novel with web novels tropes-and-cliches that anybody could find in almost any popular works. So at the time, I played around with “chosen one” protagonist, calm yet not so edgy archetypical character. I also experiment a lot with cliche plots like failed engagement and harem and lucky-encounters and level-like power system and so on. The result was, a fantasy novel titled “Spirit Conductor”.

You read it right. I am the actual author of this novel. I’m also served as the translator for this site. Don’t forget editor and site admin. Oh boy, there’s a lot of things on my plate right from the start. I just hope I can endure it and continue to present new chapters for you folks.
(EDIT: as chapter 11, LGB joins the team as proofreader/editor for my chapters).

Here the prologue link for the remainder:
Spirit Conductor – Prologue Chapter

Note: I said before I was playing around with tropes and cliches, doesn’t mean my novel will full of them (the bad one at least I think). If you like stories without or little plot armors, and girls were not some random chicks who fell for MC for no reasons, well, maybe this is for you.