Spirit Conductor – CH 1

Chapter 1 – The Youth from Badril Village

Fifteen years since the baby was born.

Shira Yashura. He was a calm and introverted youth in Badril Village.

For him, the family just means a bunch of relatives that have Yashura surname. His mother disappeared the day he was born and some people told him that she died giving birth to him. Shira didn’t believe it, because his father said otherwise.

And his father, he had a carefree appearance but was an arrogant and aggressive middle-aged fellow. His name Jhuro Yashura, went by nickname Jhuju around close friends. Folks from the village dreaded him the most because he was a special warrior who has a fearsome reputation outside the village.

No one dared to offend his son when he was around. But most of the time, he wasn’t home. Ever since his wife left him, he hadn’t stay at Badril Village for more than a week. People always envied Shira for reasons. Those who didn’t like the youth soon opened their mouth and became arrogant, let loose their toxic mouth outside.

“What a parasitic brat!” someone said to another man, “his father works to death just to buy high priced elixir for him, but look where he is now. Still stuck at level 3. What a dogshit talent!”

The other nodded and talked about his father. “Jhuro was a pride to Badril Village once. A champion common folks knew. But now looking at his own son, maybe he should suicide out of shame, tsk tsk.”

“If it was me I’d drown that shitty brat long ago and get over with it.”

“Hehe, calm down people. Everyone have their own talent. It’s a different path and different destiny for everybody. How could a mere mortal go against heaven’s will? It was like I said before, Shira has his own talent. Talent to be a farmer, of course. Hehehe.”

Mockery was thrown from all sides. Loud and clear so Yashura Family could hear them.

Folks from the family could only endure. They chose to ignore even when bad rumors about a lone youth named Shira flew around the village. But most were dissatisfied, yet they could only complain to family elders. These members had their ears itched so hard by the mockery they almost went nuts, only to remember, not only Jhuro Yashura who protected the hateful Young Master of Yashura Family, but the Patriarch of Yashura Family too was behind him.

“Just ignore those loose mouth fellows,” Patriarch Yashura said. “The only reason they hate Shira so much is because of his engagement with that Malikh girl. Those tiny-headed bastards are just venting their jealousy by spouting over some bullshits. Just ignore them.”

This Yashura Family Patriarch was Shura Yashura, elder brother of Shira Yashura’s father Jhuro. He smoked his cheap pipe inside his study with few people he knew.

“But their trash talks about Shira’s talent was right though,” an old elder said to his patriarch.

Patriarch Shuro sadly could only nod.

A lot of people, especially unmarried youths, always felt jealous because Shira and the girl from Malikh Family engaged since they were babies. No one bothered back then. But as soon as the girl grown mature, lo and behold all became different. They enraged because no one expected the Malikh family’s girl grown into the most beautiful and talented young lady in the village.

The middle-aged family patriarch was sighing almost all the time. His brother Jhuro Yashura was an overbearing battle-hardened warrior, a monster who always trampled his enemies in bold manners and easily set fears upon common people’s heart. But the reluctant and aloof son grew complete opposite. While his father went outside world to gain experience when he was at his age, Shira always retreats to his own solitude, disappearing from sight all day. All his shy behavior led people to believe he became an unconfident and timid young fellow, the type they love to bully.

However, not even one soul ever heard what on earth he was doing in his own time. Not even his closest relative…

On the quiet hill behind Yashura Family’s household.

“Yo, Shira, what are you doing?” a carefree yet bold voice rang.

“Taking a nap,” the youth said as if he is stating the fact with a sleepy tone.

“Ya piece of shit were napping when I saw you this morning. Did you finished the scroll’s instructions I gave you two days ago?”


“What are you doing besides napping all day then?”

“Sleeping.” Shira said as he turned his lied down body, he said again after a yawn, “sleeping and dreaming.”

“Tsk! What a brat!” the bold voice dissatisfied. The next moment, he was gone.


Few youths from other third-ranked village were visiting Badril Village today, became a topic for locals to talk about.

“Some cheeky brat from another village issued a challenge to a Knight from our village. Did you hear?”

“Who did he challenge?”

“Bony, that young thug fellow! Shitty brats from another village can’t even stand one minute under Bony’s attack.”

“Hah! Bony! He was a hoodlum for sure. But he was strong, I admit it. Even some seasoned mountain hunters don’t want any troubles with him. And he was still a level 13 Knight!”

“Yeah, yeah. I also heard some ignorant fellow dared to challenge our village princess in archery. Did you believe that?”

“Holy shit dude! For real?”

“Well… why don’t we go see it with our own eyes? They should compete in one hour.”

“Then what are you babbling about? Show us the way! Let’s go!”

They ran excitedly toward the place where the challenge would be held. Soon, they arrived. Some unfamiliar faces made them sneers, but still, they were dazed by looking at a cold girl who stood below the shade of a tree. A beauty, Bhela Malikh.

“Young Lady Malikh, are you ready?” a twenty-or-so young man from another village asked with a good-natured tone.

The cold and beautiful girl nodded.

Soon they compete on archery skills. Shooting targets from a certain range. The result was, of course as everyone expected before, an overwhelming victory for the beauty.


The bold voice rang again on the hill.

“Hey, brat! Did you hear? Your wifey was challenged by some ugly-looking kid. Aren’t you angry?”

Shira Yashura didn’t respond to the excited voice.

“Hoi brat. Stop pretending to sleep!”

Actually, Shira was really sleeping on the dry yellow grass when the voice called him.

“This fucking brat!” The voice was gone again the next second.

In a closed courtyard of Malikh Family, a girl with cold expression meticulously arranged dozens of arrows on a wide wooden table.

Her gaze was as sharp as a knife, locking at rows of target dummies which were more than one hundred meters apart from where she was standing with an eagle-eyes like accuracy. Slowly, she picks an arrow. She never takes more than second to aim from that distance. And yet the arrows shot still hit their targets perfectly.

It was superb. But the girl wasn’t content. The only complaint the girl had in mind was she actually never has the chance to find good quality moving targets…

From then on, the cold looking girl started practicing alone until her finger turned red with blood. Her brow didn’t furrow by the pain. Normally, she took a minute to tend her wounds, then continued practice the next one hundred shots.

Bhela Malikh always alone every day. And she would always feel irritated whenever somebody entered her territory unintentionally, even if they were from her family, still she would be enraged. So it was natural for nobody to bother her during practice time. However today, unknown to her, another pair of sharp gazes fell upon her. Appreciating not her good skills, but her pleasing-to-eyes body.

A short hair girl with a matured curvy body, plump breasts, and perfectly round buttock. She was a dream of every man.

“Tsk! What a great body! What a beauty! That damn lazy brat is sure was lucky!”

Normal people couldn’t hear the voice. Nor they can see the one who was talking. It was the only reason why Bhela didn’t notice his presence till now.

The owner of the voice, in fact, was a roguish looking spirit. His confident face in mid-thirties was always full of grins, which sometimes seem wicked and the other times the grins of his were so foolish and shameless that even Shira Yashura would always cringe when he takes a good look at this spirit’s face. He was wearing thick strapping leather armor, possibly the last attire he wore at the moment his death, so he always tried to pose a cool posture whenever he could. Today weather was nice, so the spirit sat cross-legged not far from Bhela Malikh’s shot position.

Later when the sun slowly slid down that day, the roguish spirit’s face started to become serious.

Bhela Malikh looked around, as she was sure there was nobody there peeking at her, she began utilizing her mana to practice her shot, created a colorful ribbon starts to form within the tail of the arcing arrow. People wouldn’t believe if someone told them this feat was achieved by some fifteen years old girl, from an unknown third-ranked village at that.

“Fifteen years old, she already obtained a Class.” The spirit touched his chin. “Not just some ordinary Class too…”

He chuckled. It was normal people to obtain a Class when they were approaching the age of twenty. But it was amazing for a young girl like Bhela Malikh.

And from the experienced eyes of the spirit, she was not some ordinary Archer by now.

“Damn that brat, tsk! His future wife should be at least level 10 warrior to be able leaving the novice rank. Yet the little piece of shit himself… he still comfortably taking a nap with that lousy level of him. Boy oh boy!”


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