Spirit Conductor – CH 10

Warning: Slightly disturbing material ahead, read at your own risk. (Though if you had read many unedited/uncensored web novels around internet, then I think you should be fine)

CHAPTER 10 – Malicious Poison

The burnt tent incident caused a small commotion at the camp.

Everybody was surprised when they saw two outsider corpse; one with his neck slashed and the other burned alive. The mercenaries retreated, knowing full well that the two corpses were assassins, all of them decided to mind their own business. No one wanted to get dragged into other people’s mess.

In a spacious and tall round tent, a well-built bald man sat on a rugged pad, lost in thought.

“Two assassins the Family Manor sent before was easily killed,” said the young man who also sat beside him.

“Yes, I know.”

“Do we have to use our own hands?”

The bald man silently shook his head. He drank a lot of alcohol. He wanted a clarity. Something which peaceful surroundings and soothing medicines wouldn’t able to give someone savage like him. That was why his face slightly red by now.

“Sir Hale Blackwood. Why did we have to hesitate? He’s just one man. Although he was a Unique Class, still he was a Level 46 swordsman warrior. Sir, you’re a ferocious Level 48 Berserker. And command ranks of well-trained warriors as well. We can simply circle and trapping him, the next thing that happens is he be gone for sure.”

Hale Blackwood, the bald man, asked the young man with a heavy grunt. “We could do that. But do you ready to die as well?”

The young man was speechless, unable to answer.

“If you’re not then just shut the fuck up!”

At the same time, a well-dressed Mage entered the tent.

“Sir, all the boys were presents as you commanded.”

“That’s good.”

“Would you like to send a party to pursue the man?” the Mage asked, the young man agreed with, but Hale Blackwood just shook his head again.

The Mage was confused when he saw the usual decisive leader suddenly turned into a meek irresolute one.

He asked some direction with a slip of suggestions once again, but the bald leader of Blackwood expedition team still shook his head. Despite how smart and convincing his words were.

“Then, Sir, do you have any further instruction?”

The Mage and the young man waited for his reply.

“Told the boys to calm down and ignore any bullshit they heard during this period,” the bald man realized his behavior was out of character. So he added, “send some news to other mercenaries. Especially those who had no connections with any families of any kingdom aristocrats. Whoever gives me the head of Jhuro Yashura, the Blackwood Family would exceedingly grateful to him.”

The young man mumbled in disappointment. While the Mage bowed his head in reply, disappear the next moment.

Soon, the rumor about turtling Blackwood forces became everyone’s topic.

“Isn’t Blackwood had just eating dirt by that elder from Hatim Malakas School? Why Mad Dog didn’t start a manhunt chase right away?”

“Mad Dog is not being Mad Dog. He turned soft for some reasons.”

“Yes. Jhuro Yashura is a Unique Class. But Unique Class still a human being like, still could be killed like any other man. What’s there to be feared?”

Leaders of expedition forces from other big families and clans even came to visit. They express their condolence, while secretly hold their smirks and mocks for another stage.

It was one man against whole forces of more than twenty fine warriors. Holding back would be a shame.

Using assassins, failure of missions, and the leader’s reluctance just because one person seemed ridiculous enough even to bunch of Blackwood’s own men. Yet, the bald leader didn’t even bother what people were talking behind his back. All he did was drowning himself in alcohol, bid his time, waited for something or someone to arrive.

“They just don’t understand,” Hale Blackwood said to one of his trusted right-hand men. “They hadn’t seen Jhuro fight with his true weapon. Well, I did.”

Recalled those memories, the savage bald man felt a tint of goosebump on his neck.

The reputation of Jhuro Yashura, in the eyes of common people, was quite fierce. A Level 46 Unique Class, Blackfang Swordsman, a sword warrior dude who could command malicious poisons to defeat his enemies. That’s not a man to be taken lightly.

However, Hale Blackwood was one of those people who knew more. He was considered Madam Blackwood’s man, so naturally, the number one woman of Blackwood family told him stories that couldn’t be heard casually at the bar.

Two days later.

Jhuro Yashura showed himself after two days of hiding.

Hale Blackwood didn’t know at first. Blackwood’s men who encountered him decided to take care of Jhuro with their own hands. Not to mention, Jhuro’s taunt which full of f-words threw mercilessly upon Blackwood’s men. They were pissed off, charge mindlessly towards Jhuro Yashura, proceed to fight close quarter for ten minutes.

No one died. And the fight couldn’t be called a serious one. But the boys returned full with sword injuries on their bodies.

It would be considered a shame if a group of fine warriors couldn’t overwhelm a single man. Because of this, they didn’t show their faces to camp members that day. But they were satisfied. No one complained if they were able to inflict wounds on the arrogant Jhuro Yashura.

Later when Hale Blackwood heard this, the ferocious bald man jumped from his tent with large strides, chased every one of them and beat them senseless. The leader created big commotions that couldn’t be hidden, made a lot of people confused with his action.

When someone asks him why he beat his own men, Hale Blackwood furiously answered with a question. “Did you stupidly believe Jhuro Yashura was hiding this two days because he afraid of us?”

That’s what everyone believed. If one was enemy with powerful forces, it would be a common sense to run and strikes from the shadows.

But the bald leader of Blackwood expedition team only shook his head.

“Jhuro Yashura never went hiding. Never escapes. Unless he concocts poison. That’s what a respectable figure in my family told me one time.”

Some people told him not to be paranoid. Their men didn’t die from poison, didn’t they? Yet, Hale Blackwood ignored them. He explained enough. More than this, then he would be deemed as weak and useless.

But, what’s made everyone confused and curious was this:

At the end of the day, two men from the group strangely killed themselves.

They slashed their own neck in a decisive fashion, and rumors even said Hale Blackwood coldly supervised them ended their own life.

Was this an iron hand punishment fell upon them? If so, then everyone was sure that Blackwood forces suddenly went crazy. But they know that wasn’t the case.

So, people ask why. But Blackwood was quiet.

Later, the two suicide corpses were burned in a secluded location. Caught the attention of some bored eyes.

Because of that, Blackwood unintentionally created even more bizarre rumors and weird stories that flying around. But Blackwood still silent. The only difference now was, everyone in Blackwood forces turned obedient to Hale Blackwood’s warning.

Jhuro Yashura showed himself once again three days later. He taunted every single Blackwood with harsh and nasty words. But Blackwood was nowhere to be seen. Everyone finally laughed together at Blackwood’s men for being such cowards.

Since then Jhuro Yashura would taunt for hours. Until he got tired and made his new tent in the camp. No one bothered him at first. But then packs of wolves who wanted to curry favors with Blackwood Family came in order to obtain his head.

Later, corpses of overconfident mercenaries could be found around Jhuro Yashura’s tent.

This naturally made some high-ranking mercenaries frowned hard. Thus, they decided to meddle the situation.

Blackwood didn’t have any opinions. But this what Jhuro Yashura said to them: “Killing those greedy fuckers was a merciful act from my side. If I were ruthless enough, I would make them killed themselves like a pack of little bastards.”

High-ranking mercenaries were angry by Jhuro’s arrogant reply.

They give him warnings. But Jhuro Yashura casually told them to scram as far as possible.

Later, the mercenaries banded together to assassinate him and come as a group when they deliver Jhuro’s head to Blackwood Family. A fierce swords fight broke in the middle of the night. Bathed in the pale blue night moonlight, Jhuro Yashura’s agile and adept dance could be seen, dodged lots of swords and axes and pikes as he fights a dozen of enemies alone.

He wounded and decided to flee when he got himself to inflict small injuries on all of his attackers. Thus, the mercenaries could only sigh at the fruitless effort. They retreated to their tents to get some sleep after that.

Morning arise. The mercenaries woke up, only to found themselves entered a frightening nightmare…

A burning, itchy, complete with horrific pains are the first thing they felt after woke from their sleep. All of this was same for everybody who fought with Jhuro Yashura’s night before; their crotch was in unbearable pain and soon they realize their little manhood inside their pants turned rotten black.

Everybody was terrified. They sought help but nobody had an antidote for the malicious poison. At that point, everyone thought of the suicide men of Blackwood Family. Therefore, with the pain throbbed inside their crotch, a crowd of pitiful men arrived together at the front of Blackwood’s tent.

“We know you Blackwood piece of shits also had people inflicted with this malicious poison! Two of them killed themselves. But what happens to the rest?”

By then, the bald Hale Blackwood appeared before the crowd, mercilessly told them the cruel reality: “You have three choices. One, cut your shitty little bird. Two, kill yourself. Three, suffer a painful life until the poison spreads but you still die in the end. You decide.”

That day, the wave of suicides left a gloomy atmosphere to the camp, which most of them choose this path out of shame. And the pitiful men who still want to live didn’t have choices besides saying goodbye to their little guy. Almost no one had the spirit to hunt scorpions again. What made the situation became more depressed was that Jhuro Yashura came back after three days since the tragedy. He taunted them excitedly, yet no answer but the howling wind of dessert was heard.

In the end, Jhuro sets his tent once again.

He finally was able to regain his hours of peaceful fuckin’ sleep.



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