Spirit Conductor – CH 12

Chapter 12 – Jhuju, Let’s Play Like Again the Old Days

Jhuro Yashura may have his peaceful days again. Hunting and sleeping till his heart content. He woke up fresh every morning, and his bags full of scorpion carcasses every evening.

A lot of people held grudge against him. Though they didn’t dare to assault him again with a frontal attack. Victims of Jhuro Yashura, whom are still alive, suddenly became a group of eunuchs, discussing a lot with the Blackwood family for a chance to kill Yashura arrogant bastard.

“All of you want to kill him?” Hale Blackwood asked.

“Of course! We even have some torture plan to execute!” a man gritted his teeth as he said that.

“Then you should wait,” Hale Blackwood advise them while he rubs his own shaved bald head. “Jhuro Yashura’s days definitely was numbered. All we can do… is wait…”

A lot of mercenaries inside the tent clenches their fist. This bald son of a bitch… clearly knows how dangerous and potent Jhuro’s poison, yet, he manages to sacrifice a lot of people to test how deep the water was.

“Someday, we will kill you too,” that what they were whispering under their breath right now.

After they’re gone, Hale Blackwood sneered and muttered something to his trusted aide, the Blackwood’s Mage. “Those ignorant muscleheads think they can overwhelm us or something. I can clearly see deep grudge from their eyes.”

“Should we kill them too?” asked the Mage with a cordial tone.

“No. At least not right now. Sir Arden Blackwood will arrive in a few days time. He will need some fresh corpses for his army.”

The Mage nods at Hale Blackwood. Hearing the name he mentioned, the Mage couldn’t help but felt chill assaulting his bones. That was the name he feared the most.

In fact, even Hale Blackwood himself never for once dared to offend the most mysterious man of Blackwood Family.


Once upon a time, there lived a timid youth in Blackwood Family.

He wasn’t a local. And neither his elder sister. Their last name wasn’t Blackwood in the first place.

But his sister was a charming young lady. Shrewd beyond compare. She came to the city with a plan in mind, to marry a young master of some random aristocratic family then made her way to become the great lady of the family. Thus, the pair of brother and sister came to Blackwood Family.

The young lady was praised as beauty with tons of talent. Easily adapted to the lifestyle of Blackwood Family. But the timid youth was sad, as he didn’t have much freedom and dreams when living inside the huge mansion. He became more and more isolated as the time went by. Thus, a lot of people misunderstood and hate the reluctant youth.

What made he become more depressed that even his sister seemed to abandon him too.

One day, he walked alone toward the river. He steeled his weak heart. The river beneath him was deep, uncaring and deadly. The timid youth planned to commit suicide.

“Sister, you’ll regret your choice,” he muttered under his breath.

However, before he jumped into the river, a huge explosion came from the riverbed.


The youth was so shocked that he forgot to jump. Looking down, he saw two young men riding a huge river monster, filled with thrill and energy.

“Damn son, this fuckin’ ugly thing is so fuckin’ mad right now!” roared the taller young man with a laugh.

“Kill this bastard, Jhuju! This ugly thing almost ate me!” the other young man yelled with a deep hate.

“Damn you little fuck didn’t you see what I’m doing right now?!”

With their body all wet, the two young men dance on the top of monster’s body to evade its attack, while occasionally gave it a slash of the poisonous sword or a powerful fist of raging chi.

The monster madly roared as it knew it didn’t have much chance to live if it allowed two despicable humans run amok!

The two young men were so skillful that the infamous river monster of Evershine Candy City couldn’t do anything to them.

From the bridge, the timid youth hid his body, watching them with eyes filled with envy.

“Will I ever have the chance to become powerful like them?” The youth asked himself under his breath.

His lack of confidence really tortured the timid youth. Every time he mused himself, his sister’s mockery played inside his mind.

“What? You wish to become Blackwood’s elite warrior? With that disgusting Class of yours?”

“But I… I am a Unique Class… I’m sure they will accept me… somehow…”

“You! You tell everyone about your disgusting Class and I’m gonna slit your ugly face with a dagger!”

Am I disgusting?

His sister almost drowned him after she knew what kind of horrifying Class he got a few years ago.

He was so sad, he didn’t even realize the infamous river monster of Evershine Candy City was dead by now.

“Hey, kid!”


“You kid! You with fuckin’ expensive clothes! Did ya hear me, kid?”

“Aahhh… huuh?”

“What’s your name?”

“I… I… I… my…”

“Your fuckin’ name, kid!”

“I am Arden… Arden Blackwood…”

“Oh you’re from that fuckin’ rich family, are ya?”

“Huh? Oh, yes…”

“Listen, kid. My name is Jhuro Yashura. And this fuckin’ idiot name is Ghalim Malikh. We’re adventuring from village to village right now!”


“We’re playing a dangerous game from the past months! I noticed you little fuck was watching us closely, aren’t ya? Do you want to join the game or something?”

“I…” Arden Blackwood gulped down his saliva. “What game are you playing right now?”

“This is a fuckin’ fun game, kid. I tell ya. We call it… conquering the world!”

That was a scene from twenty-five years ago.



Two figures walking across the desert.

One was a burly man, the bodyguard.

The other one walked in the front. Wearing a pitch black robe. Due to his pale face, the man looked like a walking corpse. He was the timid youth back then. But that was the past.

An expressionless face and occasional cold smirks were the only things someone could notice on his face nowadays.

A dead man who crawls back from beneath the grave, that was people called him.

He recalled his past. Scenes from twenty years ago and the following. The adventures, the laughs, the deep and everlasting brotherhood… and the dreams…

How stupid he was. He believed it all, only to be abandoned once again.

And now he came back. But, was it for revenge?

The cold pale-faced man never felt hate.

All the whispers that slipped through his dry lips were, “Jhuju, I’m back. Let’s play again like the old days…”

The desert wind howled.

The agent of the death is coming.