Spirit Conductor – CH 15

Chapter 15 – Elite Monster Appears (1)

It’s almost dark.

Shira sneaked soundless behind the bushes with his nimble feet. He circled around a gorilla without the beast noticing him, slowly, until he arrived in a hidden location behind his target.

The youth readied his sword. However, he wasn’t rash. Shira took the time to review the data he gathered at the library before, which he sloppily wrote on a few pieces of paper. From the data he reviewed, Shira knew this gorilla beast would be a pain the ass. Unlike the previous range snake that spat out poison, or the swift and feral wolf with its fast and agile attacks. This gorilla actually has a disastrous punch. One hit; game over.

It also had a high endurance and a monstrous health regeneration. A normal target for a party to hunt. But Shira didn’t know that, not to mention, Good-Natured Spirit’s voice from the background convinced him to battle the beast.

“Use my godlike ‘Water Flowing Style’. What are you afraid of? Like hell that monkey will use its small brained head. It won’t able to hit you, I swear.”

Shira let out cold sweats. There’s no good thing coming if the spirit made promises!

However, the youth knew that he needed to fight the big gorilla to test out his last skill, ‘Open Wound’. Its high defend and the regeneration would be perfect to see how much the regeneration-freeze bleeding debuff effect worked. So far, the Good-Natured Spirit’s skill manuals that he learned were top-notch quality, though he doesn’t really want to admit it. Shira wondered what kind of Fusion Skill he could make by combining the three different attack-type skills.

But the Good-Natured Spirit encouraging aroused a really bad feeling inside him.

“I can’t be a coward. This is something I must do!” Shira whispered to himself. Clenching his fist, he sneaked forward.


He accidentally stepping on a dry twig.

The gorilla stopped at whatever it was doing, which was nothing, and slowly turned its hideous huge head….

“Well, maybe not.” It’s fine to be a coward. As long as you’ll be able to live!

Shira abruptly started to run away.

The gorilla beast erupted a blasting roar, which filled the mountain woods with vigilance.

Then, the ground started shaking. Shira turned his head while he was escaping, only to find the gorilla beast madly chasing him from behind.

“Shi—I mean, darn!” the youth didn’t wanted to trigger the beast to be this mad.

Shira Yashura ran zig-zag, slipped through trees and bushes to slowing down the chasing beast. His swiftly thought plan was a little successful, as the gorilla became irritated by the trees that blocked his path.

Thinking he was a little safer by now, Shira let out a relieving sigh under his short breaths. Yet, he still didn’t dare to slow down. The youth desperately needed a rest, but he had to get into a safe place before that.

Swiiiish! Braaakk!

It was at this time that a flying tree projectile was thrown from behind, while nearly crushing Shira Yashura. If it wasn’t for the ‘Water Flowing Style’ passive skill that boosted his reaction and dodging attributes.

Shira glanced back once again. He gritted his teeth as he didn’t expect that the gorilla had the intelligence to uproot trees and use them as projectiles.

“You want to play rough? Okay, let me play rough too!”

Shira had a furious look on his face. He grabbed a runic scroll, opened it and poured his mana into the dried rune ink. The rune glowed with a dim red light. Shira immediately closed the scroll again and put it on a tree’s hole that he passed as he ran swiftly.

His chasing opponent didn’t realize that the human youth secretly put a trap on a tree. Yet, it managed to pick the bobby-trapped tree anyhow. Right before the gorilla was able to throw the tree trunk, it suddenly exploded on the beast’s hand.



Shira slows down his pace. Turning back, he saw the gorilla whimpers in pain.

The youth quickly moved his body to concealed bushes to hide his tracks and went unnoticed by the hurt beast.

“That’s the power of money alright,” Shira said to himself. By then, he expected that the Good-Natured Spirit giving him a mocking comment from God-knows-where, yet there’s no voice that followed.

Should he run, or….

Shira couldn’t make his mind. Because of that, he decided to take some time to observe the gorilla.


On the other side, two figures also hiding under some bushes, watching the show.

“Damn boy, he’s not using the opening to escape? What’s he doing right now? Does this Shira kid not know that gorilla beast is on the list ‘must-avoid-beast’ of all time in Badril mountain?” gawked the young man Pilek.

“Maybe he doesn’t know much about the unwritten rules of the mountain,” Polio said with a whisper. “But it seems he knows that gorilla beast is more dangerous than two beasts he hunted before. Yet, he still wants to fight this monstrous gorilla, I think.”

“I thought that kid was a timid loser, but now I know he is a crazy bastard. He didn’t fight much when we bullied him years ago, right? Do you think he is slowly preparing a ten-years-revenge just for dealing with us?”

“The fuck you talking about? We just picked on him. Not kill his parents.”

“Still, I think we should apologize later,” Pilek meekly whispers.

“Ah yes. Us adult should admit our wrongs and be the first one to apologize,” Polio suddenly agreed.

Pilek fervently nodded his head. “Yes, yes. You’re right. It’s because we’re both adults, that we will apologize to him later. It’s not that we’re afraid of him or something.”

A moment later, the gorilla went berserk. The reason was that it realized the human youth it chased before was nowhere to be found.

It threw trees around, pulverized the ground until everything was destroyed.

The gorilla got tired from venting its anger after a while. There, out of the blue, a flash of human silhouette shot from the mountain bushes!