Spirit Conductor – CH 23

Revised – Thursday, February 22, 2018.
Also please be aware that the chapter contains some gore scene

Chapter 23 – The Seed of a Rebel (1)

In her consciousness, Madam Ross dreamt of a long nightmare.

It was a scene from thirteen thousand years ago. Back when she was still alive.

The days were short, yet, they were full of events. Everybody was filled with desire for change. The year was marked as moments of courage for common people; it was when they decided to have been oppressed enough by the descendants of gods that dominated them from the sky above them.

Turbulent times need passionate heroes, they said. And a man heroically stepped out as the leader of humankind.

Back then, Madam Ross was still an unremarkable fire elemental affinity Mage. She was young, but was also amongst the most passionate to bring revolution to the common people. And just like any other dreaming young woman like her, the heroic and handsome leader was the undisputed idol in her heart.

The dashing leader brought miraculous victory after victory. The then reverend and mighty armies of the heaven were pushed back as the militia of revolution aggressively took control of strategically located cities, fortresses, and resources across the continents. Not long after that, people began to see chances against the odds. It was the first time in hundreds of thousand years that common people triumphed over the descendants of gods. People began to hail him as the great general even before his thirties and put their entire faith in him.

Everything went great. The small skirmishes and guerrilla war led by the general turned into a great war as more and more common people began to pick their weapons and joined the rank.

However, it was just as fleeting as the blowing wind.

Because one day, the hailed great general of the revolution started to show his own color. The young Madam Ross witnessed the madness with her own eyes:

“Captain Shitilizon. Was it true that you let old geezer bastards of Holy Temple to escape?”

“Yes. I’m sorry to fail you, Sir General. But I can’t see the reason to start a massacre of innocent people. I knew they were gods worshippers but not all of them rallied with armies of the heaven in the past. And I can see they certainly won’t do that in the future,” the captain bravely argued in front of the general. “And it’s Sytilizon, Sir. Not Shitilizon,” he corrected after a pause.

“Do you know what this war was all about?” asked the general.

“We fought to bring revolution, Sir. And from the look of it we really can win the war as long we hold the resource points and grab more opportunities.”

The general was grinning all over his face. “It’s good to have a personal opinion nowadays. It certainly makes ignorant plebs like you sounded more smartasses.”

“Sir… I started to fight for something I believe and I’ll drop my weapon again if I encountered something against it. If I really make a mistake, then please do punish me as you see fit.”

The general laughed amusedly. He patted the captain’s shoulder as he said something in a friendly tone.

“What? Why do I have to punish someone as interesting as you? I certainly won’t be mad when a stupid bastard decided to become a pussy in such critical situation and let enemies slip through to rebuild their influences. It won’t ruin my whole plan at all! In fact, let’s start some bullshit festival and invite our enemies to spent the whole night holding hands and live happily ever after! Surely it will be an amazing ending twist for everybody, riiighht?”

Captain Sytilizon could only nod his head hearing the general’s sarcasm.

The general continued. “Then let’s start holding hands now. And by the way, I have a new friend who feels a little bit lonely here. Do you want to hold hands with him? Just a little shake, and I will forget the whole matters!”

The awkward captain glanced around the room. His friends gave him nodding gestures to let him humor the general who seemed had a bad mood.

“Okay Sir.”

“Great! Then show me your hand,” asked the general.

Captain Sytilizon gave the general his hand.

“Little bro, this is Captain Shitilizon,” the general introduce the captain to a weird iron object. “And Captain Shitilizon, this is my new little bro: Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw. Now, you two, shake your hands.”



Blood was splattered all over the place.

And for some reason, Captain Sytilizon couldn’t withdraw his grinded hand. He couldn’t even move his body. He found himself paralyzed. Even though he begged the general with tear until he couldn’t cry anymore, the Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw still went happily into his hand. Cut through the flesh and drilled through the bones, slowly but surely, the chainsaw split the hand into two bloody pieces of meat.

Moreover, after shaking hands, it seemed the Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw still wasn’t satisfied yet. It also wanted a hug.



The poor Captain Sytilizon was mutilated in front of his colleagues.

All people in the room were officers who took direct orders from the general. And because of that, all they could do was suck a cold breath or glancing away. Nobody dared to make a little bit of sound.

“He’s dead. Shit. Somebody, clean this fuckin’ mess,” the general ordered, yet, nobody moved.

The general who had his body full of spattered blood only chuckled when he found people were dazed by his brutality. He himself was a little bit jittery after mutilated a person. It was his first time, people could tell. But one couldn’t see any remorse in his eyes; only reliefs.

Everybody still had the image of his roguish grin full of blood inside their nightmare for years after that.

Hence, from that day on, everyone under his wings started to call him the “Red General”. Red as red from blood. His favorite hobby to pass time was introducing people he didn’t like to his little bro Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw. And for some time, people kept their mouth shut. Nobody dared to protest. Common people might still idolize him as achievement kept coming under his banners. However, for everyone who had witnessed his insanity, all they could feel was no longer faith. But terror. Madness.

Ultimately, it was his own lunacy that led the downfall of the dashing general.

Now, thirteen thousands of years had passed…

Vroooooommm! Vrooom!

Madam Ross once again heard the terrorizing roar of the machine deep from her consciousness.

Alarmed, she abruptly forced herself to awake.