Spirit Conductor – CH 29

Chapter 29 – The High Priest of the Moon Temple (1)

“Founder, Madam Ross sent an urgent message to you.”

Sect Master was reporting and handed the old ring to the woman inside the house.

“Thank you, Yeela,” the woman said.

She wasn’t a spirit, nor she got her young body by possessing random girl. Yet, somehow, she was able to retain her young look from more than a dozen thousand years ago. Sect Master Yeela knew in her heart that the seemed immortal body of her sect founder was the main reason that she never showed herself again in the mundane world. The woman was playing harp when Sect Master Yeela entered the room. She was just like typical Purple Garden Sect girls; beautiful, innocent looking, yet, had a flair quality of foxlike wisdom around her aura. Luna Elzier. She was the founder of Purple Garden Sect back when great war of revolutionist army and armies of the heaven still raging thirteen thousand years ago.

The woman had a calm expression when she put the old ring on her finger. Yet, when she finished reading the message, the founder could only let a sigh escaped from her thin bright-colored lips.

“I wonder why Ross somehow came to Badril Village and then, unfortunately, encounter him again,” she said helplessly.

“Should we send our sisters to pacify the situation?” asked Sect Master.

Luna Elzier shook her head. “She better not know about our people we planted beforehand. And you shouldn’t be tangled with Gyl’s current business too if you hadn’t prepared for the worst. He might hold back when dealing with women, but that short temper of his always frightening me a bit.”

“Understood, Founder. Yeela will inform our sisters in Badril Village to be cautious of the problem,” Sect Master Yeela cordially said. “But will Madam Ross realized the connection of you and the Elzier Family of Badril Village?”

Luna Elzier smiled. “She shouldn’t. She was an early member of the sect, but later she didn’t mingle much with my people after her death. And also, almost zero people knew I was pregnant with Gyl’s baby back then,” she paused a bit, picked her harp again and changed the topic and said, “I just drafted a new song this morning. Want to hear it?”

“Please, Founder.”

And like this, the founder played her beautiful and mesmerizing harp tune.

As the rest of the matters, they simply didn’t talk it further.


Badril Village might be a third-ranked village that seemed unremarkable in anyways.

However, in fact, all of the three super powerhouses of Tiramikal Continent had deep ties with the village.

Grandmaster Tiramikal once was a refugee of that village. Founder of Purple Garden Sect planted her own people at Badril Village somehow and had descendants living in the village. And for the Moon Temple, their connection was much simpler.

Today, the elders and echelons of the temple were discussing the current event that caught the attention of the whole continent: the Auspicious Pillar of Red Light.

A well-dressed man with an imposing goatee currently spoke to the whole member of the council. He was the Right High Judge, a person who was the second in command in the whole Moon Temple and had the whole politics of the temple on his fingers.

“Well, we now know what’s really the cause of the so-called ‘Auspicious Pillar of Red Light’,” the Right High Judge said, then glanced at an old man that seemed to be half-sleeping, continued, “Lord Darinkha from heaven above gave His order for us to execute. That is, kill whoever this heathen who tried to learn forbidden knowledge of the rebels then clean up his or her whole family. Please, Left High Judge. You are the main head of all templar divisions. Do you have the opinion about the strategy I spoke earlier?”

The old man yawned, then asked while scratched his head. “Strategy? What strategy?”

The Right High Judge was so mad by the reply of his rival that he almost puked blood. He talked for hours yet this damned old man not even bothered to hear his impressive flaunt of strategies of political and military maneuver theory.

But he was an important figure, and he knew that for a Right High Judge he must appear cool-headed and had this whole gentle appearance all day. So, in the end, he rubbed his imposing goatee, mumbled vaguely, then sighed with a deep breath as he tried to attack the old Left High Judge in form of a lamenting.

“Well, it is a regret that Left High Judge now was too old for his current responsibilities. He can’t help to sleep in this kind of place and time due to his old age. Please, Sir Left, don’t force yourself too much in this meeting,” he said before he sat again in his chair.

It was rude to say something like that to a senior like the old Left High Judge. And all people in the meeting room knew what Right High Judge was trying to do. But since it was a popular opinion in the Moon Temple anyway, people still nodded their heads at his words.

However, the old Left High Judge still calm in his chair. He waved his hand leisurely and said, “well, if you said so, doesn’t that mean that High Priest himself, who much older than me, was too old for his current responsibilities? Not to mention sleeping in the meeting room, he doesn’t even bother to show himself here.”

Hearing his reply, people gasped in unison.

Even the Right High Judge abruptly stood up again and pointed the old man with tremble finger. “You…. impudent! I never said! I never said something about His Holiness! I… I… you impudent!”

People looked at the old Left High Judge like he was sort of a monster.

Defending oneself was a person’s right. But who in the world had the guts to compare himself to the greatest man in the whole Tiramikal Continent, the High Priest of Moon Temple?

The High Priest of Moon Temple. He was the role model for all of us. He was a man of honor. He was kind. He was smart. He was so handsome and said to be the manliest man ever lived. His presence was just as rare as heavenly treasures fell upon the mother earth; that was, of course, because he was the most humblest man and as for a great man of his caliber, it was a normal thing for him to be oblivious to the mundane world and went low key all the way. In fact, he was low-keying so hard that people never knew his real name nor knew his real face!

His Holiness was so mysterious and cool and all.

And as people who dared to compare themselves with His Holiness, they were infidels that should be burned alive on a high platform for all people to see!