Spirit Conductor – CH 30

Chapter 30 – The High Priest of the Moon Temple (2)

However, elders and echelons in the room couldn’t rebuke the impudence of old Left High Judge with their logic, as the Right High Judge couldn’t utter a complete sentence to reprimand the old man. That was because, well, only a handful people in the world who had the great fortune to meet the legendary High Priest in person: and the old Left High Judge was one of them.

And because of his connection to the great His Holiness, old High Left Judge was never for once in decades lost his current position. Even when the whole councils no longer favored him, he still could do whatever he wanted.

After elders and echelons were all fell silent to the old man impudence, Left High Judge then stated his opinion. “I know how urgent Lord Darinkha’s order was. Yet, unfortunately, I can’t send any templars since they were unavailable for some time. It’s better for us to wait and see how things will turn out.”

Right High Judge shouted. “I disagree!”

“Well, let’s ask for His Holiness opinion then. I’m sure he will say the same thing.”

Right High Judge shut up.

A lot of people in the meeting room was dissatisfied about how Left High Judge always using His Holiness’ name to defend himself. But the most depressing thing was that they couldn’t do anything about it.

“If we have nothing more to discuss, I will excuse myself and immediately inform High Priest about the results of this important meeting,” the old Left High Judge stood up and started to walk away with a yawn. From his manner, everyone could see that he seemed to be eager not to meet the High Priest, but a warm bed.

“Wait a minute!”

The Right High Judge’s thunderous roar filled the spacious meeting room.

The old man Left High Judge turned around again. “Hmm? What is it?”

“You always said that you will ‘inform’ His Holiness everytime you walked out from meetings,” Right High Judge clenched his fist and started to louden his voice. “Well, let’s be honest here. Because… I think you lied!”


Left High Judge lied about meeting the great His Holiness?

People began to put a scared look on their face.

Yet, the old Left High Judge only raised his brow, chuckled coldly. “Hoho. I lied? How so?”

Right High Judge hardened his resolve. “Not one of us ever saw you together with His Holiness. And even you always made lowly excuses whenever someone asked you to introduce us to Him. Yet, you still have the guts to claim yourself His Holiness’ right-hand man? I think you lied!”

“Well then. If you think I lied, later I will—” before Left High Judge could finish his sentence, an angry yell suddenly was heard from outside of the closed meeting room’s door.

“I sense so much bullshit over here!”

Everyone was startled by the loud yell that they turned to glance toward the closed door at once.

Then the angry yell continued. “I think it’s time for me to make an appearance!”


An old and imposing man kicked the closed door so hard that it was destroyed in an instant.

The new arrived old man had this kind of overbearing aura around his body, with a sharp white brow and knife-edged looking beard and not to mention a fierce expression and majestic hairstyle. Also, a broom in his hand.

An old janitor who always swept the corridor every day finally made his appearance!

Everyone in the meeting room was so angry when some random lowly janitor dared to barge his way into this important place. Well, everyone was angry, except for the old Left High Judge: when he found he actually recognized the dashing old janitor, his body started to drenched in cold sweats.

Then, a middle-aged elder stood up and pointed his finger to the old janitor, yelled in a high-pitched voice, “old janitor, from who you get permission to enter this important meeting room! Go! Leave this place immediately!”

The old janitor looked coldly at the shouting elder. He recognized this angry fellow as his boss who paid so little yet always threaten to cut his salary.

But this petty ignorant creature didn’t know that the fact was…

“My real identity is not a janitor,” this random old janitor finally began to reveal his secret!

But middle-aged elder yelled again. “Yes! I know that! You were a gardener for twenty years before I had enough of you sleeping and slacking the whole days and always bully your juniors! That was the main reason I demote you to a lowly janitor! Now, scram as fast as possible! Don’t contaminate this holy place with your filthy presence!”

The middle-aged elder was so furious that his face turned bright red. He was ashamed of his subordinate’s stupid action that he wanted to hide his face from his colleagues right now.

However, this ignorant elder just didn’t know the real world-shattering secret that soon would be unveiled….

“I’m not a gardener either,” the janitor stated. But this time he didn’t want just empty talk. He was going to take a grandeur action to show these ignorant plebs who he really was!

Then, with a grand movement that was too hard to describe, the old janitor suddenly put a bunch of super-duper complex runes on his broom and pour his mana upon it. After that, he held his broom as he held a majestic sword, and gave the beautiful colored-glass windows on the ceiling a slash of his broom! The colored-glass windows instantly shattered into pieces which made everyone was shocked because the windows cost so much fortune to build!

Elders and echelons were boiled till all of their faces turned red bright from anger. They wanted to know who the hell this janitor was? He was so bold to destroy expensive windows out of his whims!

Another elder stepped forward and shouted.

“Old janitor! Who really are you?!”

The imposing old janitor looked at the elder, and calmly said: “Finally, I’m glad you asked that question.”

Yess. The old janitor was real glad that in twenty years of waiting someone had finally asked this very question to him!

Then, after a flick of his sleeves, and after he put one of his hands on his back and the other hand stroked his fierce-looking beard while at the same time lifted his chin up high in the air and all those majestic gestures he could think of, he finally admitted that he actually was….

“I’m your granddaddy of humanity! The real and the only one High Priest whom you people praised every day! What? You people were shocked? Yess! That’s right! You finally learned the ultimate truth! Now, all of you ignorant plebs shall bow to me or else… Imma kick yo bum!!!”


A random plot twist was pulled out of nowhere!!

This janitor actually was the great High Priest of the Moon Temple in the first place!

People gasped in unison hearing his reply.