Spirit Conductor – CH 31

Chapter 31 – THE Granddaddy of Humanity

Your grandaddy here was the real and the only one High Priest of the Moon Temple!!

Everyone shocked at the old janitor. Some of them began to bow their body.

However, there are ignorant people who had two perfectly fine eyes yet still couldn’t use it properly.

“Insolent!” Right High Judge shouted. “How come a lowly janitor like you, who live a shabby life and dirty clothes all day dare to impostor His Holiness? Guards! Imprison this impudent person at once!”

“Me? Imfhudent?” vein started to throbbing on the old High Priest’s neck and forehead. Granddaddy very very angry. “You are the imfhudent one!”

“Where are guards? Guards!! Stop this old scum’s impudence!” Right High Judge shouted at top of his lung while pointed his finger at the old High Priest.

The Granddaddy didn’t take kindly someone pointing finger at him while at the same time call him an imfhudent person. So he pointed his finger back and shouted with a higher voice: “Say ‘imfhudent’ once again and IMMA KICK YO BUM FOR REAL!!”

“Impudent!” Right Hand Judge shouted back with full power.

“That’s it! Watch this Granddaddy put an end to yo bum!”

Yess. Granddaddy very very very angry.

And he absolutely would unleash his devastating wrath upon yo bum!!

When he saw the High Priest’s impostor charged at him, the Right High Judge sneered. He had this magic talisman that could block critical damage even from warriors above Level 99. For a kind of lowly janitor dare to charge him like this, was it simply a show of stupidity?

Well, too bad for him…

Because this awesome Granddaddy’s ‘Heavenly Cool Bum Destroying Skill’ was able to penetrate all kind of magic shield!

And no. It’s not the kind of ‘penetrate’ you vulgar people would think of.

This kind of ‘penetrate’ was simply his kick would ignore any magic resistance human ever created! Even gods’ magic couldn’t stop him from wrecking each and every bum under heaven!!

Granddaddy’s speed was amazingly too fast that even the author himself didn’t realize he was already behind this IGNORANT Right High Judge all along.


That was the sound effect of how Right High Judge’s bum just got wasted. Granddaddy High Priest kicked his ass so hard that he flew many many meters upon the air until his flying body smashed the room’s ceiling.

Even more unlucky that his head got stuck at that.

And his wrecked bum was glaring bright for all people to see!!

What a poor bastard.

“That will teach you not to disresfhect this Granddaddy ever again,” old High Priest said.

He flicked his sleeve and turned around with a swag.

His Holiness was so mighty and cool and all.

Because of that, people couldn’t help themselves to bow and kneel in the front of him.

And thus nobody in Moon Temple would dare to question His Holiness’s identity ever again….


Good-Natured Spirit took seven hours to concealed the pillar of red light that surrounded Shira’s body.

After he succeeded doing that, the roguish spirit wrapped the youth’s unconscious body in a blanket and then we will jump back to a very important scene in Moon Temple where everybody fawned and praised and wrote poems about how glorious and majestic Granddaddy High Priest was yet he was way too cool and very much mysterious to come thanking and shaking his fans’ hands one by one.

His Holiness was so aloof and cool and wow.

Not to mention he was imposing and ruthless too. So wow. Such cool. Very great.

Coz even though he just had wasted his own capable and high-ranked subordinate but the detached and coldhearted Granddaddy High Priest didn’t care much about IGNORANT PLEBS.


There kids, that’s how you earned your right to be referred as arrogant and aggressive and righteous hero just like this granddaddy here.

His Holiness was a role model for all of us.

The real and the only one granddaddy of humanity.

Ultimately, his greatness and handsomeness were much too hard to describe.

Too gorgeous.

Too famous.

Too fabulous.

Granddaddy’s coolness was much much way off the chart that the author was completely struck with awe and was dumbfounded and not to mention very very speechless and absolutely lost for words that left him unable to finish the rest of the chapter today.

That was definitely not an excuse. See ya next week for another mass release.

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