Spirit Conductor – CH 32

This chapter contains mature content.

Chapter 32 – Return Home (1)

A youth and his girl walked the endless sea.

It was a long time since they met.

The young woman learned to express her thought through hand signals. The youth also picked up and only conveyed his meaning with the same signals a year after he started to imitate the young woman.

He stopped talking to express himself years ago.

One main reason he did that because the youth didn’t want his girl to feel self-conscious about her disability.

The day was eternal. The sun was stuck.

And as the time passed by, doubts started to creep in.

“Let’s rest,” the youth signed with his hand. “We can continue walking tomorrow.”

The young woman face was dropped. She answered with her hand, “no, we have to keep walking.”

“I’m tired.”

“Yesterday you were tired too.”

“I’m tired again.”

“We have to keep walking.”

The youth never asked why, never asked for the reason they had to walk the seemingly endless sea. But the young woman knew his thought.

“I want you to meet someone,” that was her hand signs told him.

The youth’s eyes turned restless.

And the young woman continued to move her hands. “He’s the master of this realm. With his help, you may find your way—”

She stopped. Not because she didn’t want to continue, but because the youth held her hands, shutting her up.

The young woman’s brows were knitted as she was angry at the youth. But the youth only show a faint smile. She started to resist the youth as she felt he began to act unreasonable.

However, the rebellious young woman just too weak in front of the youth. Just with a light kiss on the lips, she turned docile again, just like a little kitten.

“I’m want to be with you, forever,” the youth whispered lightly near her ear, then suddenly, naughtily bit her earlobe.

That day, she was utterly defeated by him.

Thus, she didn’t ask him to walk further. Instead, she asked for a cuddle. She asked for more kisses. And hours of snu-snu. More kisses. Then cuddle again till they felt tired from each others’ embrace.

The next day, they walked again.

A youth and his girl walked the endless sea.

The day was eternal. The sun was stuck.

And to repeat the same thing, the youth said with hand signs that he was tired as an excuse to slow them down.

It was a scene that repeated for thousands of times already.

The youth never wanted to reach their destination in the first place.

Although the young woman was naive and love-struck, she wasn’t stupid. She learned already. And this time, she wasn’t angry.

Her hands moved to form a sign. But its meaning wasn’t asking him to move again. This time, she only did a simple thing: pointing at the youth’s chest.

The youth confused. It was a new hand sign.

He asked for the young woman to explain herself. But the reply still the same: she pointing at his chest.


The young woman nodded. She frowned as she tried to find the right hand sign, but still couldn’t for a long time.

Thus, she began to explain the roundabout way.

The youth listened to her soundless words. Then the previous word changed as he started to understand more.


She nodded firmly. Then moved her hands confidently.

“My… name?”

She nodded again. “What’s your name?”

The youth wanted to laugh. But didn’t. He began to answer: “My name is…” he stopped. His name, he forgot.

Both of them fell into an uncomfortably silent.

“Let’s walk again,” the young woman finally urged.


They walked.

A youth and his girl walked the endless sea.

The day was eternal. The sun was stuck.

However, this time, the youth never said that he felt tired. And the young woman didn’t need to urge anymore. They just walked.

Occasionally, the stopped to wrap themselves in the passion of the flesh. Yet, their love degraded as the time went by. As it was no longer pure with bliss. They did it as a form of venting their emotion, a way to numb their restless heart and to worn each other out. As sometimes they were burned alive by the flame of desire as they lost themselves in pursuit of desire and lust. And sometimes the dissatisfaction of the withered love came to bother, but they forced themselves to finish it anyway. However, most of the time, it was just a routine and plain snu-snu.

One day, they stopped doing it.

They ceased to communicate. Never for once held each others’ hand again.

They just… walked.


A youth and a young woman walked the endless sea.

The day eventually came to a conclusion. As the golden sun was setting in the west.

And the youth finally knew their journey come to an end.

The young woman held back her steps. The youth in the front stopped. He glanced at her.

She moved her hands. “Go. Follow the sun. You will meet him soon.”

After that, the young woman turned around to leave. But she couldn’t; the youth held her hand tight, preventing her to take a step away.

The young woman looked at the youth in the eyes. She shook her head.

The youth, now opened his mouth, pleading with a whisper: “Please don’t leave me.”

The young woman shook her head again.

“I still want to be with you, forever.”

The young woman shook her head again.

“I love you.”

The young woman shook her head again.

“I love you.”

The young woman shook her head again.

“Do you hate me?”

The young woman shook her head again.

“Then why?”

The young woman took a breather, asked the youth to release her hand.

Then she moved both hands to form signs. “Because I too, really really love you. I don’t want you to suffer. I love you. I want you to go back to your family. This is not your place. I’m not the one you supposed to love. I want you to be happy. And all this is not a real happiness. Only a dream. So, please, my love…. return home.”

She didn’t move for a moment. Then continued. “Goodbye.”

The young woman determined to leave the youth, for his own good.


He held her hand again, preventing her to leave.

She thought that the youth still didn’t understand. So she asked him to let her explain again. But the youth didn’t let her, pulled her body, and gave her a deep kiss in the mouth.

“I won’t let you go,” the youth whispered lightly near her ear, then suddenly, naughtily bit her earlobe.

The young woman body began to tremble. She tried to break loose like a trapped panic little bunny. Yet he tightened his embrace even more. He kissed her neck and bit greedily. A faint sweet groan was heard as the youth started to creep his hand under her cloth.

Her body began to heat. She tried hard to bit her own lips as she fought against his evil temptation. Because she knew the youth would never go home if he won over her heart and body today.

The young woman resolved her determination.

Her body began to shine. And her skin turned translucent. The youth felt her smooth body suddenly became slippery just like the skin of a fish. He abruptly slid down his hand, tried to tighten his clutching of her bare slippery skin. Yet, he slipped nonetheless.

Then he tightened his grip over her white clothes. But the young woman still had her way of escape. That was, returning to her former substance.

She was Sea’s consciousness. So she became sea water, and retreated back into the sea.


The sea water was calm, full of golden sparkles of sunset’s reflection.

There, the youth kneel on the surface of the sea. Alone.

The young woman was gone. And the only thing she left behind for the youth was a ribbon.

A ribbon that floated on the surface of the sea.

However, it wasn’t clean white like before.

It changed. Somehow turned into a striking purple color.

Just like her exotic and beautiful hair.

The youth picked the ribbon and held it tightly in his hand. Then continued to walk toward the seemingly falling golden sun.

For the first time, he felt regret for having happy memories. Regretted a chance to meet her in the past.

But it seemed that the only choice he had was walked again.

Continued his journey…. to walk toward the seemingly falling golden sun.

To find his way back home.

Just like the young woman wished him to do.

Shira Yashura didn’t realize that he was trapped inside a strange realm of the sea for hundreds of years already.