Spirit Conductor – CH 33

Chapter 33 – Lord Darinkha, I Beseech You to Come Down…

In the background, Left High Judge still wiped his cold sweats.

Elders and echelons, except the poor Right High Judge and some other ignorant plebs that also got their bum wrecked later, all of them were busy fawning over the handsome and cool His Holiness.

These people just didn’t know what tragedy would befall them later.

But Left High Judge knew.

So he silently sneaked in the background. He was hoping that no one would notice him so he could swiftly packed his belonging and escape and change his identity and live his entire life in a secluded third-ranked village and so on.

However, he was too late. An elegant and mighty voice shouted at him.

“Lefty you old punk! Whatcha doin’? Come here!”

Of course the elegant and mighty voice belonged to Granddaddy High Priest. Who else?

“His Holiness!” Left High Priest bowed to greet him. He tried to calm himself down, yet, everyone still could see his nervousness just with a glance.

Because of that, people began to doubt. Was the Left High Priest really lying when he said he knew High Priest personally in the past?

But soon, the His Holiness word cleared their ignorant presumption.

“Lefty. You already followed me even back when I couldn’t call meself a Granddaddy. I really like your loyalty. Those old yesteryears with a goofy sidekick like you were the happiest moments of my life. Do you miss our adventure, old buddy?”

His Holiness put a reminisce look on his face. He honestly believed the old Left High Judge would share the melancholy feeling inside his heart.

Old Lefty nodded and bitterly smiled at his words. Inside the old goofy sidekick’s heart, he screamed: Please, my Granddaddy…. this recent twenty years when you suddenly decided to become low key out of the blue was the happiest and most peaceful moments of my life!

But he didn’t dare to complain before the great granddaddy of humanity!

Granddaddy High Priest happily patted his old sidekick’s back before ordered someone to set up a communication rune for him.

Then, a short and pudgy middle-aged elder came forward to greet him. “His Holiness, who in the world could have the grace for the Grandest High Priest wish personally communicate with?”

His Holiness raised his chin and spoke full with wisdom. “Isn’t Lord Darinkha wish my Moon Temple to hunt somebody for Him? I want to talk to our Lord.”

Hearing his words, the pudgy elder said with an excited voice. “His Holiness! Please! You don’t have to do that! I have my personal army back at my clan and I can use them to trample that rebel’s family to the ground! The report said that family is low-rank anyway, some unknown Yashura Family or something. I will get it done in a week!”

The pudgy elder was so happy that he found himself a chance to lick booting the great His Holiness. If he really did this matter smoothly, his rank among the council of elders will definitely rise!

However, he didn’t expect that instead pleased with his eagerness, His Holiness’s face suddenly darkened.

Granddaddy very very very angry.

And in a cold voice, he said: “do you want a kick in the bum or a slafh in the face?”

“Whaat?” the pudgy elder was surprised and confused.

“I said: DO YOU WANT me to kick yo bum… or me slafh you in the face?”

That pudgy elder suddenly glanced at the pitiful Right High Judge that still stuck on the ceiling. Looking at the Right High Judge’s wrecked bum, the pudgy elder couldn’t help himself to protect his own buttock.

“A slafh in the face then!” Granddaddy said aloud.


That was the sound effect of how pudgy elder’s round face just got slaffhed. Granddaddy High Priest slapped the elder’s face so hard that he flew many many meters upon the air until his flying body smashed the room’s ceiling, stuck precisely beside the poor Right High Judge was stuck.

People were taken aback looking at this scene.

They didn’t know what stupidity the pudgy elder said that led him wasted by the imposing and ruthless Granddaddy High Priest.

But the Granddaddy didn’t want to explain himself. He was too cool to do that.

“Where is it? I want to talk to our Lord right now!” he shouted instead.

Elders didn’t dare to delay any longer. Moments later, a huge communication formation was set in the meeting room.

Later, when the connection was made, a shining light slowly form a handsome face. Everyone knelt before the shining face, except for Granddaddy High Priest.

“Ah, my obedient High Priest. It’s been awhile since you call me. I believe it’s twenty years already? Now, what do you want?” the face of Lord Darinkha asked with a pleased tone.

Instead of bowing like a servant did, Granddaddy High Priest raised his chin high and shouted, “Lord Darinkha, I beseech You to come down here and let this Granddaddy kick yo bum one hundred times!”

“Lharu! You dare to be impudent before your Lord?!” the shining face of Lord Darinkha turned ferocious.

“That’s Granddaddy Lharu for you! Come here fast! Lemme kick yo bum and let’s see who the imfhudent one after that!!”

“You’re courting death Lharu!!!”

“No! You come down here, you death!! Granddaddy is invincible!!”

“You dare to rebel?! It seems you forgot how I hanged your own son back then… do I have to take more actions in order to subdue you?!”

“Subdue this Granddaddy? Pfft! You can’t even subdue me bum!!”

“That’s it! Lharu Yashura, prepare to die!!!”

It was that moment, all of the defensive cannon formations set on Moon Temple…. were locking at the old High Priest.

The entire Moon Temple itself tried to kill the great Granddaddy High Priest!

Everyone in the room became scared witless.

The Left High Judge was crying hard in the corner of the room. “I knew it… I knew this kind of calamity will happen every time he shows himself…”