Spirit Conductor – CH 34

Chapter 34 – Old Lefty, Activate THE Trap!!

It was that moment, all of the defensive cannon formations were set on Moon Temple…. locked at the old High Priest.

The entire Moon Temple itself tried to kill the great Granddaddy!

One cannon formation could even kill a level 150 warrior with one shot. And now a bunch of them were targeting His Holiness – a level 112 Swordsman Class…

Will today be the last day of our glorious granddaddy of humanity?

Fret not!!

For the handsome and suave Granddaddy, there is always a way!

“Aha! I knew you wouldn’t be able to come down here with your real body! I knew you would use those old temple cannons! I could see that from decades ago! And because of that…” Granddaddy High Priest flicked his sleeves a dozen times before he put a cool pose. “My sidekick Old Lefty, activate THE trap now!!”


Granddaddy was so smart and far-sighted that he was able to predict Lord Darinkha’s move years back and prepared a trap just to counter this very moment!


THE trap was a killing move that could be considered as a pinnacle of the tactical trick in human history. Obviously, it would be much much better maneuver than that measly Red General did back thirteen thousand years ago. You readers don’t have to know the detail but believe me, okay, it would be a huuuuge turning point for the rest of humanity if Lord Darinkha was to be defeated on this very day!!!

Only this heroic Granddaddy could do such thing!!

His Holiness was so cunning and cool and all.

Unfortunately, just like any other grandiose plans in stories, there was one fatal mistake regarding Granddaddy’s trap…

“Trap? What trap?” the Old Lefty asked back with a blank look on his face.

His Holiness furiously flicked his sleeves five more times and raised his chin while putting this intimidating look at the shining face of Lord Darinkha, at the same time shouted at his sidekick on the side: “Don’t you went goofy on me now, Lefty! THE trap! The one that I told you to set up on defensive formations twenty years ago!”

“Oooohhh…. THAT trap…. it was… cough cough… well, I thought you were joking back then.”

“What?! Me? Joking? Stupid Lefty, I’m super serious. Since when do you find me joking about this kind of serious matters?” Granddaddy broke off his cool pose and turned around to stared surprisedly at his old sidekick.

Left High Judge screamed inside his heart: you never joke about this kind of serious matters? Remember when you brought all our templars armed with full armors and weapons to Tatalghia Kingdom’s border? Everyone thought you would start an all-out war with Tatalghia Kingdom, when in fact, you were just pulling a lame prank on Grandmaster Tatalghia’s birthday?!

And do you remember about seven days of roaring explosions on the night’s sky forty years ago? Everyone thought it was a sign of the judgment day coming in, when in fact, YOU were playing with your new model of fireworks for seven days straight!

“Ah. Forget it, Lefty. I should know better to not give an important job to useless sidekick like you. Don’t think about it too much. You were adorable only when you act silly anyway.”

Left High Judge: $%@*Y$$@*%!!!

Seeing that He almost bit the bullet, Lord Darinkha then gave Granddaddy an ultimatum.

“Cut the nonsense Lharu. Since I’m the Mercy One then I shall give you one more chance. Repent your sins! Go back to Badril Village and kill the rebellious youngster from your own family to prove your worthiness to receive my grace once again. Those young people could create more babies, it was no big deal if one brat were to die in your hands.”

Granddaddy High Priest turned again at the face of Lord Darinkha and sneered. “How about you come here and receive my grace and a kick in the bum.”

“Don’t be stupid. You know I can’t descend the mortal world right now.”

“Oh, yeah. Totally forgot about that.”

“The cannons almost fully charged, Lharu. Now do you want to repent or not? If you come back to the light then I will definitely give you some leeway, like, fifty years more with complete authority over my Moon Temple as long as you get the job done. It’s a good deal. How about it?”

“How about no?”


“BRING IT ON!!! Granddaddy is invincible!!”

Thunderous calamity started to gather above Moon Temple’s territory as the bright blue sky turned dark with ghastly black clouds, filled with enraged thunders. People who didn’t know what the heck was happening all began to kneel, pray and asked Lord Darinkha for mercy for whatever sins they committed that made their mighty Lord furious like this.

The cannon formation of Moon Temple wasn’t a material cannon like those kingdoms had. They were cannons of nature, normally summoned to strike down invading enemies as a symbol of the wrath of heaven.

Lightning began to gather the heaven’s power.

Calamity soon will fall upon the High Priest of the Moon Temple, yet, Granddaddy High Priest still puffed out his chest and raise his chin arrogantly.

“His Holiness, please repent! You don’t have to do this,” a shout from the elders crowd resounded.

“Yes. His Holiness, whatever your problem was, we all can talk it out. You don’t have to face off against the Lord, that is a suicide!”

“Please don’t suicide, His Holiness. We all love you!”


These ignorant plebs still don’t understand….

That there was a reason Granddaddy could be this cool like we all know today.


Mother nature bore witness as the powerful Lord Darinkha struck down an old human with such tremendous heaven power!

Heavenly thunder fell upon His Holiness body.

The ground shook, and the lightning flash was so blinding bright that nobody could see what happened during the short moment of the thunderous slam.

However, as the flash gradually died down….

A figure stood with his chest puffed out.

The shining face of Lord Darinkha stared at the figure with a shocked expression. “Impossible!”

Yess. It was impossible for common sense. But after all those rumbling and lightning, the fact stood still: Granddaddy High Priest was still unharmed and without even a scratch, still maintaining his pose like a boss!!!

Granddaddy. Is. Invincible.

“You…. you….” Lord Darinkha was dumbfounded. “How come you were unharmed?! I don’t see any magical armor or something that could completely block my cannons formation! This…. this…. this is impossible!”

“You called yourself a Demigod but didn’t know about this miraculous armor? Tsk, ignorant.” Granddaddy sighed.

“Speak! What sorcery did you use to block my attack!” the voice of the Lord was howling.

“Ignorant people shouldn’t know,” Granddaddy High Priest shook his head.

“Speak or I will kill you!!!”

“You just failed to scratch me and you dare to threaten me? Yo bum was bigger than I thought. Now, scram! From this day onward Moon Temple is no longer yours!!!”

“Just you wait, Lharu Yashura! I will definitely come back and teach you a lesson someday!”

After he said the cliché line, the shining face of Lord Darinkha faded away into the thin air.

Moments later, Granddaddy High Priest couldn’t hold himself anymore. He spat a mouthful of blood, knelt with one knee on the ground, feel the power inside him withered as he put too much pressure on his body to block the entire cannons of Moon Temple’s defensive formation.

Those cannons earlier were no joke. If he was an ordinary High Priest, Granddaddy would definitely die one thousand times, splattered beyond recognition.

But he was a cool and mighty and cunning and overly handsome High Priest; definitely not a mediocre one. He was able to intimidate his own Lord purely with his awesomeness, turned the revered Lord Darinkha into a petty third-rated villain that definitely would be turtling up for some time inside his own domain and occasionally sent some low-ranked henchman to deal with him in the future.

“At least now, I have the chance to retire and finally meet my cute great-grandsons and great-granddaughters,” he said to himself, and then spat another mouthful of blood.

The powerful attack he received really worn Granddaddy greatly. Just to block it perfectly, he had to use all Coolness Points that he accumulated over the years just to summon the unbreakable defense that only the most important characters in stories could use: the legendary ‘Plot Armor’.

Because of that, Granddaddy was not so much as cool as before but at least he was still handsome and smart.