Spirit Conductor – CH 35

Chapter 35 – Leaving the Sea (1)

Granddaddy wiped the thick-red blood from his face.

He stood up. And his legs were trembling for a moment. From the medical point of view, a normal human would need one to three months to recover the instability of his body caused by this kind of heavy pressure he received. Not to mention one had to be on a constant monitor of godly doctors of the Tiramikal Continent to ensure his smooth recovery. But this is THE Granddaddy we were talking about, so he’s alright now.

Yet, he still let out a long sigh. The number one granddaddy of Moon Temple just rebelled against the heaven. For the future its hold, no one knows. He decided to take off his High Priest mantle today and let the future generations led the temple under his watch… all because right now his family needs him the most.

So, with a heavy and reluctant heart, he turned his body to let Old Lefty knew his decisions.

“Old Lefty—eeh?!”

Granddaddy was surprised. Those elders and echelons who worried about his safety all now were lying weakly and bloody on destroyed rubbles; some were crying silently and some even already unconscious as they “mysteriously” beaten half to death.

“What happened to you guys?”

No one answered him. No one dared to.

Left High Judge was amongst the heaviest casualties, were cried pitifully inside his heart: What happens to us? Please, Granddaddy…. just because you blocked Lord Darinkha’s attack then it will disappear like a fart in the wind???

The fact was, the cannons were so strong that when Granddaddy blocked it with his legendary ‘Plot Armor’, the attack was reflected upon the innocent elders and destroying half of Moon Temple’s majestic structures.

“Tsk tsk. You guys should be more careful in the future, ‘kayyy? This Granddaddy here just decided to retire then this mess suddenly appears out of nowhere. Sigh….”

Granddaddy was extremely worried. What would happen to the Moon Temple without his great care and kind guidance?

Everyone cried hearing his words.

Finally they felt the plight Old Left experienced inside his heart over the years. They want to curse and condemn somebody but Granddaddy His Holiness was too majestic and awesome to be blamed for. They were sad and afraid. As no one wanted His Holiness’s wrath to descend upon their bum. Thus, all they could do was silently wept for the injustice they suffered.

Granddaddy then told the Old Lefty to take care his Moon Temple after he retired. Old Lefty cried and pleading for a mercy under his feet but Granddaddy misunderstood and proceeded to transfer his High Priest’s mantle to his sidekick right away.

“Please, Granddaddy…. I don’t want to become High Priest right now….”

“Don’t be shy Old Lefty. I knew you would be perfect for this kind of job.”

Old Lefty: I know! I’m the perfect person to fix the mess you left behind but this is too much! Please let me off Granddaddy!

“What’s with that face you make?” Granddaddy rebuked. “Don’t be lazy. Get up right now or Imma kick yo bum.”

Old Lefty sobbed bitterly as he couldn’t get up after blasted by the reflected Lord Darinkha’s cannons. Unfortunately, Granddaddy no want to hear yo excuse. He no want hear yo mouth spout any blah blah blah nonsense. And because of that, Old Lefty and the rest of the elders soon would be recorded as victims of the legendary bum wreckin’ calamity for future generations to remember.

And in the end, every and each member of elders council all swiftly decided to ascend Left High Judge as the next High Priest of the wrecked Moon Temple. It was the most decisive ascension of High Priest the temple ever had.

Granddaddy was pleased to hear that. He waved his sleeves, turned his body, and walked impressively toward the golden bright sunset in the west.


Somewhere at the Moon Temple’s rubble, an old woman was busy putting bandages on some injured elder.

An old janitor approached her with majestic steps. He was handsome and cool and great and his face radiating a heavenly kind of aura, but only members of elders council knew his world-shattering real identity that could wow the entire Tiramikal Continent’s population. However, right now, he was only another old man who was walking in the rubbles. No one paid him any attention.

“Sari, let’s go back to Badril Village. It’s emergency! Oh, and it’s already one hundred years or more and I’m sure my family misses me terribly,” the old man said.

The old woman nodded at him. “Mn. Let’s return home, Lharu. I’m sure the Yashura Family would definitely miss their great Grandpapa.”

The old man flicked his sleeves awesomely as a response, then raised his chin high like a boss.

Watched how cool the old man’s pose was, this old woman could only smile gently.

Granddaddy was great and cool and all. But that was a mask.

The old woman had already followed the old man for more than one hundred years. She knew him the best. She understood well that behind the cheerful and imposing and cool and handsome cover, there actually was a lone and tired and cool and handsome old man—yearning for the warmth of his family he had to protect from afar… for all these years.

However, today, there was a ray of happiness and eagerness shone from the old man’s eyes.

He turned his face, and so did the old woman. Both of them glanced at a certain direction.

The Badril Village.

Finally, we would return home.