Spirit Conductor – CH 40

Chapter 40 – Serryl and Emelda (1)

The second lady’s face paled with fear, she knelt in front of Arden.

“Please have mercy on my friend, Sir.”

“Why?” the man asked. “She said she wants it.”

“You’re too hard on her, Sir.”

“Ah, she’s in the heat. It’s not a big deal. She would ask for more later, wait and see.”

The lady begged for her friend safety once again, yet the man shrugged his shoulder.

She lowered her head. Nothing she could do. Hours and hours later, the screams died down. But the lady knew someone still broke and ground her friend without mercy; it was the red dress lady who already tired asking for help. There were still faint sounds of heavy pounding heard from afar.

After moments of time, rounds of rough vulgar sounds on the other side of underground went silent. Therefore, the door opened. A broken woman with her torn red dress entered, showing her wrecked blue and green round breasts and bloodied hairy crotch. Red blood flowed from her thighs down to her legs as she walked.

“Are you okay?” her friend asked, her face pale with worry.

The red dress lady didn’t answer as her eyelids lifelessly stared at the underground ceiling. The second lady wanted to cover her half-naked friend. But she hadn’t any clothes to cover for her, moreover, the vulgar and sharp stare of the bodyguard made her furious.

She stood up and confront Arden Gilmour once again.

“Sir. You’re killing her, Sir.”

“No, I’m not. She just tired from all those activities.”

“If she dies, then I’m sorry to say that I will report this abomination to the higher-ups.”

“Do what you want, I will take full responsibilities; that is only if I was the one who killed her.” The man shrugged his shoulder and chuckled. Lots of horny and ambitious pretty cheap women came to him for easy climbing, and he gave them what they came for. And the pattern always the same. They asked for it, then they scream, then they asked for mercy, and when they were done, they get up and shamelessly asked for more.

And he knew he was right when he saw the torn red dressed mature woman approached him with stumbling steps after six hours rest.

The second lady glared as her friend was exchanging whispers with the pervert man on the roundtable. After a minute or so, together they went away again. Thus the wet, shameful heavy pounding and sexy moans continued.

She shocked dizzy. She knew her partner well but now couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with her head.

So after she braced herself to save her friend, the lady stealthily stepped away to follow their lead. The obscene sounds were getting louder. She knew she was close. And then, out from the glass window of the old underground room, she saw her friend.

She was riding an unknown man with her hips madly pounded up and down. And at the same time, she stroked twp men’s forbidden sticks with each of her hands. Occasionally devour them with her nasty mouth one by one with her own accord. She appeared naked, and her body trembled with shame and pain and pleasure as there were three men did her at the same time. Five were standing aside waiting for their turn.

The lady who came to save her friend became red-faced watching the obscene activities.

To watch this forbidden act made her chest heavy, her standing became weak and almost stumble down. Fortunately, a man was there to catch her before she fell her face to the floor.


“Be careful, pretty lady,” Arden said with a smile.

The lady cried. “What have you done to my friend, Sir? Please let her off!”

“I did nothing,” he said. He glanced at the wild woman in the room, “she asked for more. Like I said before. She asked me what I can reward for her services and I told her what I will give, so she accepted. A woman like her is too ambitious and greed for their own good.”


“Your friend said you still a virgin,” the man said out of the blue.

The pretty lady shocked. It was their secret, never indulged to anybody. Yet her friend told a stranger just like that. She felt betrayed.

“She even said you are quite lustful. A lustful virgin. In this world with moral compasses broken hard like this, that only meant one thing,” the man rubbed his nose. “Such a waste for good quality body like you.”

The lady was silent. Not again she asked the man mercy for her friend.

“I’m sorry but I need a rest,” the lady said.

“Go. I prepared a room for you ladies. And a private room at that, so you two could enjoy yourself,” the man said with a smile. “See, I’m not an evil man.”

His words didn’t even enter her ears. Too much thought she had to process, and thus, the pretty lady walked down the old and dusty corridor. With her head glued to the floor all the time.


Night at the underground.

With a damp towel, the pretty lady wiped all strange liquid from her friend body. She was pitiful. Almost all her body full of bruised marks. And her red-bright crotch almost ripped without mercy.

“You’re disgusted, are you?” the mature lady asked with a tired voice.

“I’m not…. Whatever made you think that?”

“Your eyes. Full hesitation. You never looked me like that even after I’m done slept with one hundred years old man.”

The pretty lady shook her head.

The mature lady was naked without clothes, and the pretty lady was half naked only wearing undergarments.

They were alone on a rose-colored sheet bed.

“My body ached, ahhh. Cuddled me with your skin so I can feel better,” the mature lady said.

The pretty lady threw away her clothes and revealed her milky, smooth nude skin. The pained woman felt happy looking at those favorite breasts of her.

“I want you but I’m too tired and hurt tonight,” the mature lady said. “Just a little snuggle till morning, okay?”

They hugged and felt each other skins. And the mature lady was glad her soreness tuned down with her lover loving touch. Not to mention the fun to play with the pretty lady’s breast berries, her stress went away in an instant. She felt happy.

“Why did you do all this?” the pretty lady was sad when she looked at her friend.

“Because it was very handsome. I’m talking about the reward. Remember Lady L’Gandiez? Five years ago she was a little servant wiping corridors for some measly noble family which was not worth mentioning. One night, she met Sir Arden Gilmour. And then the next day she suddenly rich and powerful and had a lot of political connections. What do you think happened that night?”

The pretty lady held her breath as she realized what had happened to the mysterious Lady L’Gandiez. It turned out the mature lady did a lot and very well on her homeworks, and found things and oppotunities. “This is a chance of a lifetime, so please don’t judge me. My body already hurt and my heart almost burnt out.”

“I’m not. Don’t think like that. I love you, Serryl.”

“I love you too, Emelda. Kiss me. Mmmmhhh…”

They love each other. At day they appeared as capable partners that synergy each other. At night they would slip away from the common sight to warm each other’s heart with their body. Kissing and licking flowers hid in their lower part until both felt content with sensual delights.

“Why do you tell Sir Arden that I’m a virgin?” whispered Emelda.

Serryl clicked her tongue. “He asked. Pervert man like him always sharp about forbidden things like this. Do you think I can lie to him?”

“But I’m freaking out. I’m afraid of him.”

“Don’t be. Just do whatever you have to do. I’m the one who going to take the front for you, for I’m already dirty anyway.”

“Mmh. I love you. The dirtier the sexi–aaahhhh….” Emelda moaned as her lover pinched her aroused left chest pink berry again.

“You naughty girl.” Both chuckled, continued to kiss and play around with their mouth.

“Did you think we can marry later?”

“If we can become the next Lady L’Gandiez, we can. I’m sure.”

“No hiding away? No running away? Can I tell my foster father and mother about you?”

“Like I said, we can,” Serryl whispered. Her body still ached when she assured the pretty Emelda. “We can be whatever we want after we seize this chance.”

“Then… can we have babies?”

Serryl flicked her lover forehead with her fingers. “You can even grow dicks. Two things I love the most in the world are your tits and men dicks. My grandest dream is getting them as a single package.”

“What? I? Men di–di….”

“Don’t you want to get me pregnant?”

“But…. but….” Emelda was speechless, and Serryl would laugh and tease at her for some times until both fell asleep in each other embrace.