Spirit Conductor – CH 41

Chapter 41 – Serryl and Emelda (2)

The next day, Emelda put a lot of her effort to work as Arden Gilmour accountant.

She had experience in writing and accounting as she was in top fifty talented women in the organization. Because of that, Arden nonchalantly gave her documents to work for.

Emelda shocked when she found the documents were confidential papers. Hidden assets and some obscure agendas in the past, these were not for casual eyes like her to see. When she discussed it with the man, Arden Gilmour just shrugged his shoulder, said he didn’t bother too much. He even told Emelda there were a lot of accountants like her in the past and they always kept their lips sealed. Hearing it from him made Emelda shuddered. It was not the man who too carefree, she realized, but it were those accountants who afraid to cross swords with him.

Arden Gilmour always didn’t bother too much with the laid-back personality of his. He was smart. And he was sharp. But he found it too tiring to think about trivial things. Although his conducts might make him looked like an old man, but if one was live with him long enough, they could easily guess Arden’s mood just by looking how he behaved and what kind of cup he drank this morning. He was simple but an odd man. Though most people who knew him would say he was a man who kept his own thought for himself.

The night that day, the lady back to her bedroom, found her tired lover was already passed out on the bed without inches of cloth.

Emelda wet a towel with warm water, then wiped the unconscious Serryl’s bruised skin with care. Today was much worse for Serryl. Just by looked how pitiful her body was made Emelda’s heart broke with grieve. How long would Serryl able to stand all of this?

“Today’s that bodyguard brought me here,” Serryl said after she struggled to open her eyes. “I thought you were here. But you were not. So he seized the chance to fuck me till I blanked out. Remembered nothing after that.”

“He did?!” Emelda said with a gasp. Her brows knitted as her face became much ferocious.

Serryl grinned. “What’s with your face? He did. But he was good at it. And his cock is monstrous so it would a nice fuck if I wasn’t rampaged by six before that.”

Emelda said nothing after that. Arden gave her some blanket and pillow and fan so she could give Serryl a good sleep tonight. Emelda was grateful. She waited for her lover to closed her eyes and fell to her dream as she fanned her body patiently.

“Muuhhh… baby… tell me some good night stories,” Serryl whispered.

“What stories do you like to hear?”

“A happy story.”

“Okay,” Emelda smiled. “Once upon a time, there was two little girls come to get benefits from a weird and infamous man. The first pretty and smart girl worked hard to get some rewards from him, yet, the other girl didn’t know what to do. But one day, after looking through his papers and documents, she found that the man was actually a hidden investor of Tiramikal Merchant Guild, hidden owner of almost all wine establishment business in the north, hidden this, hidden that, and the fact that he was richer than seven kingdoms combined.”

A bright hope flashed on Serryl’s eyes. “What a good story!”

“Do you like it?”

“Mn. It was a happy story and made me horny,” Serryl slid the blanket that covered her breasts and exposed her berries. “Look. They’re stiff and hard again.”

Emelda used her tongue to play with them.

After a while, the naked two ladies held each other in their arms. Cuddled happily.

“Hey, Emelda. Did you just offend Sir Arden if you told me about his secret assets?” asked Serryl with a worried face.

“No. He told me to let you know,” Emelda lied with a straight face.

“Is that so?” Serryl buried her face on Emelda ample breasts. “Then it can be considered my work almost finished.”

“Yes.” Emelda rubbed her lover’s black hair. Her eyes filled with sadness, but she didn’t know what to do anymore to ease her lover suffering.


“It was a good story you told her last night.”

“I…. I’m sorry, Sir….”

“No matter. She became strangely motivated anyway,” Arden Gilmour said.

He drank his bitter tea.

“Sir, if that possible, can you give her a little reward and let her rest for a moment?” Emelda felt a goosebump on her neck when she asked that.

Arden pondered before answered. “Her juices were good for my men. So I prepare a good reward for her but if she was to stop now, then, I have to ax her rewards.”

Emelda was silent for a moment.

She knew Serryl would resent her if she heard these conversations.

“Please let her rest, Sir. But don’t tell her about you cutting her reward. I will work harder in return.”

Arden Gilmour chuckled. “You want to work harder? Actually, there is a way for her to take a full rest and still get paid in full. But you have to give your first to a good friend of mine.”

Emelda held her breath.

The pale man raised his eyebrows. “Well, do you want it or not?”


“My body smells disgusting,” Serryl said. She sprayed almost half a bottle of her perfume.

“Don’t spray it too much, it’s expensive,” Emelda said. “I don’t mind your smell.”

Emelda hugged Serryl’s plump naked body and pull her back to bed.

“Again?” Serryl asked, surprised.

Emelda nodded.

“Then open your legs.”

Emelda spread her legs, thus Serryl gave her oral pleasure.

After the mature lady done with her job, Emelda gasped with a content heart. She grabbed her lover and hugged her and cover their body with the blanket, wished for a snuggle till morning.

“What’s wrong with you?” Serryl asked in a whisper.




“You always said nothing when there is something,” Serryl squeezed Emelda’s left breast.

“It’s hurt!” Emelda hissed. But Serryl squeezed harder. “Okay, okay. I tell you!”

Then Emelda told about Arden Gilmour’s offer today. She hoped Serryl would get jealous after knowing she would sleep with somebody else later, but the mature lady just laughed with an enchanting voice of her.

“You finally had your first dick!” she continued to laugh, then said to reassure her lover. “Don’t worry, your first time might hurt a little. But you’ll enjoy it. Just see.”


“Who will have the luck to eat your maiden flower? Is it Sir Arden himself?”

“No. He said it would be his friend,” Emelda replied.

“Well. If he’s big then invite me to the party! I’m always dreaming a threesome between you, me, and a giant cock.”

“I don’t know about that.”

Serryl giggled. “Don’t you have the concept of having fun even a little?”

“I want to sleep,” she said then turned her face around and closed her eyes.

Serryl hugged her from behind and slipped her palm between Emelda warm cleavage.


Before she left to tend to her “side job”, Serryl put her little girl Emelda a new and beautiful clothing. She sprayed her expensive perfume on Emelda body two or three times, gave her thick makeup and bright alluring color lipstick, then tightened her dress so her breasts became firmer. Emelda didn’t like how she looked now. She complained that Serry made her like petty courtship ladies with this hard makeup. But Serryl didn’t think so. She knew with her magic touch Emelda had become sexy and enticing, completely different from the pretty lady usual appearance, thus Serryl couldn’t resist the temptation to take a bit herself. Because of that, they had to reapply Emelda’s lipstick and redone her dressing.

The mature Serryl had taught Emelda a lot about how to please men. She even gave her divine techniques she held for almost fifteen years now, which made Emelda blushed when she had to practice them.

“Okay, you know the basic. Just improve later if you had the chance,” Serryl said then winked her eyes.

Emelda didn’t leave immediately as she gave Serryl a worried glance. “Are you well-rested today? I will ask Sir Arden to give you a break later if I can.”

“I still can do it. Four or six, I think, but if nine or more I’m sure gonna break; these rough people don’t know any concepts of slowing down. Simply beasts,” Serryl said, then she shrugged. “Well, if I had a vacation I just look for that bodyguard foy my daily needs then.”

“Will you ever take a break and worry a little about your condition?” Emelda rebuked.

“I’m still young!”

Serryl giggled and slapped Emelda’s round butt, then picked a red colored rose from the vase as she walked out the bedroom.

The bedroom fell silent after the mature lady left. Emelda gazed at her reflection in the mirror. touched her face, while lost in her own thought. She would sacrifice her purity for saving her own lover, yet, the subject was too carefree to realized their relationship was suffering.

Is this kind of love I’m dreaming then years ago? She asked herself.

Her chest felt heavy.

Emelda had a premonition that her life would be completely different after this day.