Spirit Conductor – CH 42

Chapter 42 – The Man in Chains

“You look gorgeous today,” Arden Gilmour said.

“Thank you, Sir,” Emelda said with a sweet smile.

“But makeup doesn’t suit you.”

“I’m sorry, Sir…” she said, lowered her head.

The man chuckled and shook his head as he led the lady as they walked through the bleak underground corridor.

“You’re cute. Much better mannered than your girlfriend. He definitely loves the experience you’ll give tonight.”

Emelda nodded as reply. She had prepared a ‘Forgetting Pill’ to erase her memories after today, so it didn’t matter how horrifying the matter she had to experience tonight.

The corridor was longer than she thought. And the underground much bigger than she expected too. Emelda heard before the underground was used by resistance force thousands of years ago as their hidden base. It was only a hundred years ago explorers discovered the underground and since then, the hidden site was sold and changed hands from tycoons to tycoons.

“Sir. Is it okay for me to satisfy my curiosity?” she asked for permissions to chit-chat away.

“What is it? Shoot.”

“Did you buy the entire underground base just to…”

Arden Gilmour chuckled. “I even struggled a lot Tiramikal Merchant Guild’s share just for this. Pulled a lot of strings here and there too. Well, I had lots of money. But it doesn’t matter. Friendship always comes first.”

Emelda didn’t know what to say after that.

She just read from the documents before she agreed to this task, Sir Arden Gilmour was on extended leave to attend his personal matter. He sent messages to organization’s headquarter and said he need some intel regarding the pillars in the sky and asked the higher-ups to send him some capable female members to help him on some “matters”.

That was the behind story why Emelda and Serryl were here. But they didn’t know what was the strange man up to before.

“Well, later if you meet with my friend, remember to pretend embarrassed and afraid, okay? My friend loves a timid and submissive girl.”

“I’ll remember that, Sir.”

Emelda didn’t have to pretend. She was already embarrassed and afraid.

Not long after that, they arrived at a heavily guarded district in the underground. Full armored guards were stationed and patrolling along the corridors. All of them wore uniformed steel helms to hide their faces and held two-meters magical iron halberds on their hands. Their movements were rigid but structured. It left impressions that they were not some casual guards one could mess with. She thought they were better than bastard bodyguard who played around with Serryl’s body.

Guards bowed their giant and armored body slightly when Arden Gilmour walked past them.

As they walked deeper in the district, Emelda saw more and more guards patrolling. She also realized the steel-doored rooms they passed were actually occupied jails which she herself didn’t know what kind of people were imprisoned in this desert underground of nowhere. A strange premonition crept in as they moved deeper and deeper toward the heart of the prison, and Emelda kept getting goosebumps as the guards she met became sharper and fiercer.

As Emelda was getting near toward their destination, a rare survival instinct kicked in inside her heart. Pumped adrenaline and made her heart thumped hard.

She took a deep breath to calm herself, but coughed instead because of the bad ventilation system. Emelda didn’t know what to do. She even became restless as the terror grasped into her, telling the timid woman to come back to wherever she came from.

They stopped before a giant door that led to a spacious, empty room.

It wasn’t empty, exactly. A two-three meters of solid black box laid at the heart of the room. Filled with enigmatic runes and other nonsensical magic calligraphy.

The pale man smiled upon seeing the box. He checked his key chains as he approached the black box.

“You’ll meet my friend. Here! He may bad mannered a little. But deep down, he would always treasure his companies and friends. Like me!”

Arden Gilmour opened the black box with his keys.

And something fast and deadly jumped out of the box in an instant!



A flash of iron line smashed on Arden Gilmour’s body, sent him rolled on the floor.

The iron line was a chain, radiate the sinister and threatening aura as it appeared to be unmoved by the oppressive mood. One could see its ancient rustiness that could intimidate people to their death. After moments of freeze inside the soundless cold atmosphere, it slithered back into the black box like a snake, left red tracks of fresh blood on the cold stone floor.

Emelda was so shocked that she fell down from her high heels boots.

Then, a pool of blood formed around Arden Gilmour’s unmoving body. His fingers twitched.

She gulped her saliva.

The room was silent.

And Emelda thought for a moment the mysterious and eccentric Sir Arden Gilmour was… dead.

Well, the smashing chain might seem deadly. But the man wasn’t dead. He wasn’t furious either. Instead, he chuckled.


That was the creepiest chuckle Emelda ever heard in her life.

Drap drap drap. Drap drap drap.

Two guards came into the room to carry the damaged Arden Gilmour.

“He’s in bad mood,” the man said. His bones were broken and his torso was destroyed. “Although he may bite a bit… but please be gentle with him, okay.”

Arden Gilmour gave Emelda an apologetic smile before the guards took him out of the room.

Emelda’s body shook all over as Sir Arden Gilmour left her alone, in the front of the black box and whatever monster was jailed inside.

She took a peek inside. The black box was too dark for her to see. All she could make of were a bunch of iron chains and a pair of glowing green eyes, glared from the shadow.