Spirit Conductor – CH 43

Chapter 43 – The Black Coffin

It had been almost a week since the red pillar of light event.

Somewhere in the peak of Badril Mountain.

A gigantic sized blue portal opened from thin air, devouring the calm air of evening mountain in a frenzied manner.

A transparent silhouette stepped out of the portal.

“Where is this?” Shira asked himself.

The place was strange. His body was ethereal and see-through, like spirits, but he still felt the cold air lingered. And he saw a lot of strange things lied around the place too. When he glanced around with care, he saw that the craftsmanship to create these things more sophisticated than any craft he ever saw. Shira was interested in them, but he knew he had to find himself home before too late.

However, just when he stepped out of the place, Shira halt his steps. He saw a black coffin lying on the ground.

He knew where he was now.

The peak of the Badril Mountain. The place where he met the shadow and saw the Prince of Yashura Family’s tombstone.

Shira Yashura approached the black coffin. It was solid and hard, made from obsidian. And just like he expected, a Yashura family emblem on the surface.

He couldn’t help himself but feel proud that the fact some measly family from third-ranked family could afford a real obsidian coffin.

The cost must be a hell of a price. Even kings and clan patriarchs of the continent can’t compare with this.

“There must be secrets about my family past,” he said to himself. His family must be rich if they could afford the coffin. Then something dawned upon him that made the youth slap his own face. “They can buy this kind of expensive coffin but couldn’t afford to give their younger generations more silvers for their allowance?”

Shira Yashura sighed to himself.

He looked again, knitted his eyebrows hard. There were smashing marks on the surface of the black obsidian coffin even though they were only mere scratches.

Someone tried to break this coffin for a long time.

Shira was furious at the thought of that.

He tried to touch the scratches to investigate more.



A mighty magic force pushed him ten meters back as soon as he placed his fingers on the coffin. Suddenly, a bunch of magical runes showed themselves, shone bright in a cool flashing manner. Those runes were the guardian of the coffin, set by the most powerfulest and grandest and craftiest Runemaster in the whole world.

“You dare breaking my Yashura Family’s secret coffin?” a middle-aged voice resounded, which felt like it was recorded decades ago. “You don’t run, son. I will find you, I will come you, and Imma definitely kick yo bum very very very hard!!”


Far away in another place, about six hours difference from the Badril Village.

A huge bird flew in the sky.

An old woman and a handsome granddaddy sat on the bird’s back.

Out of the blue, the granddaddy’s sense was tingling. “What?!”

“What’s going on Lharu?” the old woman asked.

Granddaddy Lharu placed his fingers on his forehead as he tried to make sense of the super-long-distance-and-cool-sounded-alarm he received just now.

“Oh noes!” Granddaddy exclaimed. “Someone touched my family’s sufher secret and hella expensive coffin!”

The old woman gasped.

“Is it that spirit’s doing?” she said with a serious tone. “He already broke in and set his base on the sacred tomb of your family and tried to open the coffin for one year already! Did he succeed now?”

“No,” Granddaddy Lharu said. “Apparently he’s just a lost spirit brat and stumbled upon the coffin.”

Hearing that, the old woman let out a relieved sigh.

“No matter. It’s maybe a sign for us to speed our journey,” Granddaddy said. Then he slafhed the huge bird’s back. “Faster, Wingy. Much faster!!”

“Screeeech~~” the bird’s cry echoed through the entire sky. It flapped its wing very hard, flapped again, then let out a furious cry once again, but didn’t really accelerate its speed.

“Damn you lazy Wingy don’t you fhretend or Imma kick yo bum!!”

Granddaddy grabbed a long stick to hit the bird’s head.

“Sccreeeeeeccchhhh~~~” suddenly the bird flew faster. But a minute later, it got lazy again.

Granddaddy very very angry.

“Don’t you know this is emergency damn you Wingy faster faster much faster or Imma kick yo bum for real!!”

The huge bird was not your typical bird. It had intelligence and could do some shits that other birdy could not do.

Like now. Instead cried and accelerate its speed, the bird yawned.

“That’s it! Feel this Granddaddy’s WRATH DESCENDS UFHON YO BUM!!!”

Granddaddy was very much angry that he slafhed the bird’s head instead kicked its bum.

But that was a heavenly hard slafh for sure.

Because only with one slafh he wasted the poor Wingy in an instant.

“Oh noes!” Granddaddy exclaimed.

Now that the bird they rode was pass out, they suddenly fell down from the high sky.

This accident shocked the smart and wise Granddaddy to the core. “How could dis hapfhen?!”

The old woman was a high leveled fire elemental affinity Mage so she could create fire and heated the air somehow to help herself fly in the air.

But the Granddaddy was different. He couldn’t create fire out of the thin air and also didn’t have any wings.

So with a cool posse, he cried his last will. “Sari, please! If I die fhlease take care my familyyy….”

Sari, the old woman, looked at Granddaddy without doing anything. She merely sighed.

Granddaddy fell closer and closer toward the earth…


The Granddaddy’s buttock smashed the ground very very hard.

“Ouch me bum!!”

He stood up and rubbed his hurt bum. A moment later, the old woman Sari came to him and then they took a long break as they wait for the damn lazy Wingy to wake up from Granddaddy’s slafh.