Spirit Conductor – CH 44

Chapter 44 – Pervert Ghost

The shock from those runes was overwhelming, Shira couldn’t fight back as the magical prowess of the remote guardians pushed him out of the peak.

After the runes kicked him very very hard, Shira decided not to bother with his curiosity anymore.

For now, Shira didn’t know who the hell the majestic middle-aged voice was. Because of that, he wasn’t afraid. That was normal. Since he was still ignorant of the very much secret of the most powerfulest person in the whole world.

He had to go home now.

However, as he descended half the mountain, the purple ribbon in his hands moved. Shira blinked his eyes. He looked at the ribbon; it seemed like it wished to fly away and showed him something he would like to see.

“What is it?” he asked, then release his hand and let the ribbon flew away against the blowing wind.

He followed the ribbon, sighed as he realized he had to take a detour before return to Yashura Family. Well, he was already stuck for years. An hour or two wouldn’t be a difference for him.

In another place.

Two gate guards were playing cards, put their feet on the table and occasionally yawned as today didn’t many people come to their place.

A ribbon flew pass them.

An ethereal youth followed.

Suddenly, a guard felt a chill crept on the back of his neck. “Did you feel something?”

“No,” said the other guard.

“Must be the wind,” he said and shrugged his shoulder.

Nobody could see the flying ribbon and the youth. Shira walked passed people, a lot of them, and often he floated his body as the ribbon flew from walls to walls. Not long after that, he stepped his foot in a serene, steamy hot wellspring.

He did nothing when, from the back, saw the ribbon fell peacefully on a girl wet black hair.

“Hmmm?” the girl picked the purple ribbon from her hair. She smiled, find it somewhat cute.

Then, she hard a trembled voice of a boy from her back.

“You… what’s your name?”

The girl blinked, then turned around and saw a ghost-like figure of a youth.

Shira couldn’t believe his eyes. That big and round eyes, slim neck and cute, chubby face… except for the color of her hair and she seemed younger, the girl looked like his lover from the sea.

Even the mole under her slender left bun-bun was the same. He would never forget that mole.

When she realized that the ghost boy was gazing intensely at her exposed chest, the girl shrieked with terror and cover her nude body with her small arms before he could saw more of hers.

The youth startled. He was too slow to realize this place was a private bath for females.

Then the girl swam away and escaped toward the other side of the wellspring, grabbed something from her clothes, which was a bell. She rang the bell as hard as she could.

Not even three seconds passed, another naked girl appeared.

Her blossom body was too much enchanting and mature for her age, and her chest fruits were actually more ample and fresh than when she hid them with clothes. But she didn’t bother to cover her body as she held a bow in her hands.

She narrowed her eyes, yet saw no one besides the slender girl who rang the bell. “Where?”

With a furious yet harmless yell, the bell girl pointed mercilessly at where Shira was standing. “Sista Bhela, shoot there!”

Bhela Malikh still couldn’t see someone at the place she pointed. But Bhela reckoned the bastard who harmed her little friend was hiding, so she drew her bow anyway.



“I’m sorry!” Shira shouted.

The youth escaped as fast as he could toward his home. He forgot to get back the purple ribbon. After that, he didn’t look back nor he took more detour now.

Back at the wellspring, Bhela Malikh hugged the scared little girl.

“Huuu…. Huuu….” the girl sobbed, buried her teary face in her friend supple breasts.

“It’s okay, Lyla. Hush hush now,” Bhela whispered and patted the girl’s back with her gentle hand.

“He… he saw your body! Sista Bhela why didn’t you cover your body?” Lyla pouted with her big wet, red eyes.

“He? Who do you talk about?”

“Him! First he wants to peek my body then he stole a glance at yours!”

Bhela blinked and tilted her head, confused.

Lyla explained again. “His body was transparent, and he walks on water! Didn’t you see him?”

“Lyla, do you talking about… a ghost?” Bhela asked.

“Yes! A pervert ghost!!!”

Bhela patted her little head more, didn’t know what to say.

“Huuu… huu… Sista Bhela, is it okay now?”

“It’s okay.”


“Really,” Bhela said with a nod.

After a few minutes, Bhela asked what the pervert ghost looked like.

Lyla was silent for a long time. She remembered a few days ago, there was news of Yashura Family young master was injured and bedridden after an accident in the Badril Mountain.

And the ghost looked exactly like him.

“Lyla? I asked you a question. Did you remember the ghost appearance?”

Lyla glanced at her friend face with pitiful eyes. Did she have the heart to tell Bhela the truth that her fiancé was dying and became a ghost?

And a naughty and pervert ghost at that.

She couldn’t. She shook her head.

“I don’t know Sis…. I don’t know huuu huuu…..”

Bhela rubbed her head. “It’s okay. Don’t cry Lyla. Hush hush hush.”

The little girl Lyla wiped her tears and snot and then nodded. She glanced at her hand, a pretty purple ribbon was there.