Spirit Conductor – CH 47

Chapter 47 – Malikh Family

A strange poison inflicted Ghalim Malikh, the current patriarch of Malikh Family.

He hadn’t got up from his bed for months. Not only a powerful magic artifact formed the poison that struck him, it was also formed by the most prestigious and deadliest weapon of Jhuro Yashura. There was no cure for it. Unless the artifact creator himself infuse his mana during the concocting period, which meant Jhuro himself must be the one who made an antidote for his own poisons.

It was unfortunate that method could only work if the Blackfang Swordsman of Yashura Family had the said magic artifact with him, the one Arden Gilmour stole years ago.

However, when Ghalim received his grandmother’s letter a few days ago, a ray of hopes shone through his sick, tired eyes.

If Jhuro couldn’t help him with the poison, there was only one person who could do it.

One and his last hope. An expert beyond experts.

This expert was so amazing that he could cure any known diseases with only a flick of his fingers. He is just too awesome. Period. Even if rare and unknown diseases struck ill someone near death, this person only had to clafh his hands three times before proceeding to his amazing and miraculous and logic-defying finger flicking gesture which history shall remember as ‘All Diseases Curing One Hundred Percent Guarantee’ skill technique. Although, as much as Ghalim excited, he was worried about his weak-hearted wife. The expert’s identity and secrets were beyond comprehension of mere mortals. Exposing him meant disasters for common folks like them. What if…

What if his wife’s weak heart failed immediately as soon as she wowed too hard by the expert’s awesomeness?

Ghalim Malikh shook his head. He didn’t want that to happen.

“If ‘he’ didn’t wish otherwise, it’s better if no one knows ‘his’ real identity,” Ghalim said to himself.

Yess. It’s better for one not knowing how much awesome and cool this expert was. He was sooo elusive even he was referred to a quote inside a character’s dialogue. Such cryptic and very much secretive. This treatment only received by the mysterious and cool and almost-omnipotent characters who later would appear in a dashing manner in very important scenes. But his identity must be kept secret for now, because plot and things.


Who in the world could ‘he’ be?


An old man and old woman walked toward Malikh Family’s gate.

The old woman gazed a tall gate with nostalgic and wet eyes. This was her home. Beside her, the old man held ‘his’ chin and nodded ‘his’ head as ‘he’ looked at not-so-bad things that presented in front of ‘him’.

“Do you want to visit my family for a moment?” she asked.

“Okay, if you insisted,” ‘he’ replied then entered with a large stride.

Malikh Family already knew an old senior would return home today. Because of that, they prepared a small welcoming banquet. Some of the elders who curried favor with Blackwood in the past were wary with this senior, as the common talks said she was patriarch’s grandmother. They didn’t think her too much because they didn’t know her in the past. But higher-ranked elders did. Some of them even were old enough to remember, in the past, there was a mid-twenty years old widow who became matriarch and trampled over everyone who had the balls to oppose her. Sari Malikh might appear as mild as a loyal housewife but she wasn’t a person you want to mess with. Malikh Family’s history would say so. That was the main reason these old fogies appeared with dark bags under their eyes as they couldn’t get a good sleep for recent days. Although they didn’t antagonize Ghalim and his little family too much, they still gained some fortunes from Blackwood Family. They knew they would get spanked real soon.

However, as the cheerful and lively banquet welcomed her, Sari Malikh shook her head. She asked where her grandson was, went there without bothered for a chit-chat with old faces she knew years ago.

Inside a small bedroom.

Ghalim Malikh wanted to cry when he saw his grandmother.

“Last time we meet you had hideous beard and burly body and looked like a barbarian,” Sari Malikh said, sighed at the sight of weak and skinny middle-aged man in the bed.

“I was young and curious enough to follow Jhuju ran home and explore whole Tiramikal Continent back there,” Ghalim Malikh said weakly.

The old man also inside the room. ‘He’ snorted. “You were ignorant to follow my stupid boii. If I was your elder Imma kick yo bum very very hard so you won’t have the balls slipped out of your room much less run away.”

“Yes. I was ignorant back then.” the Malikh Family patriarch said and admitted his flaw. This obedient manner pleased the old man so much ‘he’ flicked ‘his’ sleeves a dozen times so ‘he’ could easily and comfortably stroke ‘his’ white beard to remind people ‘he’ was some kind of wise master here.

After the three of them talked about old days and some issues, suddenly Sari Malikh got impatient and asked her grandson, “where is my great granddaughter? I want to meet her.”

Bhela and her mother were waiting outside the room. The anxious girl Lyla Blackwood was there with them too. When a servant approached and tell them that the patriarch’s old grandmother wished to talk to them, Bhela’s mother led the two young girl to the bedroom.

“Grandmother, this is Bhela Malikh, your granddaughter,” her mother introduced Bhela to the old woman Sari Malikh.

“Mm. You’re beautiful and more composed than I thought,” old Sari Malikh said. “Your father told me about your Unique Class back years ago and I had plans laid for you. Yet before I had the chance to return, things got this messed up. I read your letter and bought some souvenirs to make it up.”

Bhela Malikh bowed and nodded as a gesture of thanks. “Thank you, great grandmother.”

“Call me Grandma Sari,” the old woman said with a warm smile.

Then Bhela’s mother introduced the next little girl stood beside Bhela. “And this is her friend, grandmother. Her name is…”

She hesitated to say surname of Blackwood aloud.

However, old Sari Malikh also smiled at the little girl, seemed not to minding any issues underneath. “You must Lyla Blackwood, right? I read your letter too.”

Bhela and mother blinked and looked at Lyla with strange gazes. They didn’t know Lyla stopped the messenger who carried Bhela’s letter and used her entire saving to bribe the old messenger so she could send her own letter too. Lyla Blackwood knew she can’t back down now. So with small and nervous steps, she came closer to old woman Sari Malikh and presented a box of medicines–the one which Lyla always carried to store her self-made potions and medicines. “Thi–this is a box of potions and elixirs… and potions my Blackwood Family sent for… for… for…”

Sari Malikh patted and rubbed Lyla’s head before she received the box. “This is for Bhela’s daddy, isn’t it? Well, I’m sure with your help he would get better very soon. Thank you, little angel.”

The usually naughty little girl lowered her head as old woman Sari Malikh called her with such sweet nickname.

However, the old man in the background corner didn’t take kindly at this cutely scene. ‘He’ crossed ‘his’ arm and ‘he’ snorted, “hmph!”

No one paid ‘him’ any attention.

“I read letters from you two that you are best friend since you two first met?” The old woman continued talking to Lyla. “How envious. Not many people can meet their bestfriend like this. Seeing both of you cute girls made old timer like–”

“Hmph!” a loud snort filled the room as soon as old Sari Malikh patted Lyla’s head again. Everyone looked with strange gazes at the old granddaddy who crossed ‘his’ arms and threw away ‘his’ faces and pouted ‘his’ lips in silence as ‘he’ tried very very hard not to saying ‘he’ was jealous with ‘his’ body language.

The old woman smiled wryly, then in low voice, she told Bhela to bring her friend Lyla go to the kitchen so they could eat the cake she brought from her journey.