Spirit Conductor – CH 49

Chapter 49 – Grandfhafha Lharu

Yashura Family spent a fortune to pay Tier-2 Alchemist and potions for Shira’s recovery. A lot elders objected but Shuro the Patriarch shut them down by saying they needed Shira Yashura to show his face in public as fast and good as possible since rumors were thrown around the village, saying he was an idiot who almost made himself killed in his first time in Badril Mountain.

From north to south everybody talked about how unlucky Bhela Malikh was to engaged to him, and how gallant was the young master of Blackwood Family, although some still felt he was arrogant somewhat. Yashura Family wished they could slap them. Slap them hard. However, fact Shira bedridden was there for most to see. They couldn’t resist those trash talkings.

Shuro Yashura hoped the famous instructor Baront Staterwind showed his face again. He was the only person who saw something in Shira Yashura, yet, he and two of his student were sneaked out of the village at the time Shira was injured.

The youth everybody was talking about had to lie on his bed, with his body covered with fresh bandages.

Though he had awakened for a few days now, Shira felt something was missing. More exactly, someone was missing.

“Where did that spirit go?” Shira asked himself. Last time he met him was at Badril Mountain. That annoying Good-Natured Spirit didn’t show his face ever since.


In Malikh Family.

Brush brush brush!

Painting, calligraphy, zither, flute, and other artistic skills, Bhela Malikh learned them all. She gained skills.

Nom nom nom!

Sweet cakes, sweet rolls, sweet candies, and other sweet snacks, Lyla Blackwood ate them all. She gained weight.

Every Malikh Family members knew the most senior person in the family, old woman Sari Malikh, loves this two girls and pampered them as best as she can. Now Bhela and Lyla felt close with their Grandma Sari and three of them always appeared in the same room. A certain Granddaddy always stared at them from the shadow, but threw away his face as soon as Grandma Sari glanced at him.

“Hmph!” Granddaddy crossed his arms.

Grandma Sari sighed. “Lharu, you already live in my family’s house for days now. Isn’t time for you to see your own family?”

“Me? No! There’s something I have to do here!”

“Like what?”

Granddaddy Lharu didn’t speak.


“Your grandson still need me!”

“No, he’s recovering just fine. Thanks for fixing him anyway,” Grandma Sari said.

“Hmph!” Granddaddy Lharu snorted and waved his hands awesomely seven times and turned around, walked out from Malikh Family household.


Badril Village streets were buzzing with activity.

Inside the busy crowd, an old man walked alone, his eyes swept his surrounding with looks of longing and a bit of reluctance. He scratched his head and continued to walk. No one came to him. Even those peddlers who always annoyed people with their selling shout didn’t bother this unremarkable looking old man.

He entered the village market. Granddaddy Lharu looked for drinks to fill his dry mouth. However, before he got himself a drink, Granddaddy halted his steps. He glanced at another old man who walked along his little grandson.

“Grandpapa, grandpapa! Buy me cotton candies!”

“What is it?” the old man asked. “I’m sure when I was still a kid this kind of candies wasn’t there.”

The candy shopkeeper grinned at his customers. “Oh, this is a new kind of candy, old man. Made with this fancy device filled with magic runes. However, you can get one cheap, only a few of measly copper coins.”

“Okay then. Give me two!” The old man smiled.

Later he got two of pink fluffy cotton candies. He gave one for his grandson. “Thank you, Grandpapa. I love you!” the kid said.

The old man laughed, he ate his candy along with his little grandson. They walked away chatting about happy things.

In the corner of the street, Granddaddy Lharu gazed at them as they buried by busy bodies of the crowd.


Somewhere in the hidden corner, near Yashura Family’s household, an old man appeared.

He held two cotton candies in both of his hands. He looked at the gate of Yashura Family. He blinked. He was eager to approach. But he didn’t move.

A young woman walked passed him.

“Hey girl,” Granddaddy Lharu called.

“Huh? Yes? Can I help you with something, old man?” the girl asked.

“Yess. You are from Yashura Family, are you? What’s your name?”

“My name is Mila Yashura.”

“Nila Yashura? Do you know someone named Jhuro Yashura? Or Shuro Yashura?”

“Yes. Jhuro Yashura is my uncle and Shuro Yashura, he’s my father,” Mila Yashura said.

Granddaddy Lharu held his breath.

“Then… can you ask your father something for me?”

Mila Yashura blinked. “I will. What is it, old man?”

“Ask him… does he still remember his Grandfhafha Lharu?”


“Yess. His grandfhafha.”

“Well, I will ask him later…”

“Mmm.” Granddaddy Lharu nodded. “You did well, this is for you.”

He gave her one of his cotton candies, then walked away somewhere.

Mila Yashura tilted her head, but she shrugged anyway. She found out after asking the gatekeepers that the old man before was always appeared in those hidden corners and stared in silent at Yashura Family’s gate for hours before finally went away.

What a weird old man, Mila thought. She entered and later gave the cotton candy for injured Shira to eat.


Full-body bandaged Shira ate fluffy pink cotton candy while he enjoyed afternoon breeze from the opened windows.

Somewhere at the skirt of the village, Grandaddy Lharu ate the same kind cotton candy and rested his hands on a bridge’s handrail, also enjoyed the same teasing midday breeze. He gazed downward. There was a flowing shallow river that voiced a calming and unhurried ambience. Back when he still a brat lived here, this very river always mad with its raging current. However, now it was slowly drying and dying.

Granddaddy held sympathies for the old river as he stared it with listless eyes. Both of them found themselves old and just couldn’t be kicking life as hard as they were young and full of vigors. But time caught both unprepared. Granddaddy felt really, really old.

“Lharu.…” A voice was heard from his back.

Granddaddy Lharu threw away his candy as fast as possible and hid his hands before he turned around and face the newly arrived Grandma Sari. “What? What? What!”

“I made some meals. Lots of spicy soft meats just the way you like it. Let’s eat,” she said.

“Oh, that’s good! I just checking our village’s security and things, me body tired and hungry now!”

Grandma Sari nodded.

Granddaddy Lharu smirked.

He led her back to Malikh Family with a large stride.

Meanwhile, the thrown cotton candy was dragged away by the river’s calm current, slowly, it sunk into the water body of old river.

In Yashura Family.

“Father, do you remember your Grandfhafha Lharu?” Mila Yashura asked.

Shuro Yashura looked at his daughter, shot up one of his eyebrows, asked back, “Grandfhafha who?”