Spirit Conductor – CH 7

CHAPTER 7 – Madam Ross

Madam Ross seemed like a sensible and polite person. Yet, she was a thirteen thousand years old spirit. Her history could be traced back when the founding of Tiramikal Continent. She was one of the pillar figures back then.

For a revered spirit like her to lay low like this, naturally, because of a personal reason. The girl Merly Yurin was an orphan back then, an ordinary and nobody in the giant Yurin Clan. One day, the girl went missing, and lots of people in the family went searching for her two days straight. Later they gave up, or simply don’t care. But the girl showed again with a woman spirit guided her back home, cared and consoled the pitiful child just like a mother.

The girl grew, and the spirit watched her mature as the time passed by.

At the time, no one knew the special relationship between the girl and the woman spirit, until someday, a young man came home together with his famously wise Sir Teacher.

The girl, guided by her new teacher, formed a life contract with the spirit and became Spirit Servant. It was a Profession, which the user became a host for her spirit, feed them with mana energy created by their Mana Sphere.

Since then, the girl called Merly Yurin became the gem of Yurin Clan.

Everybody thought if someday she able to enter the Blue Robe Acolyte Society, home of all Spirit Servants, she might grow into an influential figure in the continent. Simply because of the powerful woman spirit.


“Your teacher has a lot of hope for you, Darling. Don’t be so proud. Next time you should a little bit humble in front of others,” whispered the spirit gently.

Merly Yurin pouted mumbly. She didn’t care if her teacher preached upon her for hours but whenever Madam Ross opened her mouth, she never talked back.

“The Yashura child should have a little talent in handling spirits. But I don’t know if he could match yours. I need to meet the later spirit to assess him.”

The girl’s mood was not quite good since she came to the village. Madam Ross caressed her hair, with the ethereal yet gentle touch. They smiled at each other.

“I found something interesting in Yashura household. It was an interesting place. No wonder some powerful spirit take it as his territory,” Madam Ross said. “We can check it before the meeting. You would gain some experience from this. Believe me.”

Merly Yurin nodded.


A tidy young man and a scholarly middle-aged guy sitting in a library.

“They would meet one hour from now. Sir Teacher, I’m curious, is the spirit residing in Yashura Household was on par with Madam Ross?” asked Jerrin Yurin.

“You stupid kid. Of course not. Madam Ross was the one-in-a-million spirit who actually survives the catastrophic great war thirteen thousand years ago. Naturally, she should be the most powerful spirit with raw power in Tiramikal Continent right now.”

Jerrin Yurrin nodded at his teacher words. “When she died back then, she was a Level 153 Fire Mage, right? Currently, the most powerful warrior in our continent was Grand Master Mage from the Tatalghia Kingdom. And he was around Level 120 last time he made an appearance. I wonder when my little cousin Merly could stand at the top like that.”

“It just matters of time,” a hint of pride flashed through the scholar’s eyes. “Every uncontracted spirit has only one-fourth of their original power at average. And the most talented Spirit Servant could only recover her spirit’s power only eighty percent maximum. The fastest took decades to reach that point. So, yes, your cousin has a lot of homework to do.”

Only the powerful figures could preserve their spirit when they die. And only the most powerful one who could pass the cruel test of the time. Naturally, the longer the spirit wandered the world, the more powerful they were.

“I wonder how old the spirit Sir Teacher investigate…” the Jurrin young man asked a question again.

“It should around two thousand years old spirit. But I can only guess because he put a lot mental tracking restriction runes all around Badril Village.”

“Oh, it was a resourceful one.”

“Yes. And that Yashura kid was a quite talented youth too. I can tell. And the spirit seems to nurture the kid a lot. That was why I desire to rope them in one go.”

“Then let’s hope Madam Ross could convince the spirit to join us.”

Both the teacher and student smiled widely.


In the giant gate of Yashura Household.

Merly Yurin seemed to appear alone. But in fact, she walked side by side with a floated beautiful spirit. Ordinary eyes couldn’t see spirits unless the spirit shows herself.

“Did Shira Yashura home?” asked the girl.

“No. He’s on the hill slept alone just like the usual,” answered the guard at the gate.

“Tell him to see me. We have an appointment before,” Merly Yurin said with an ordering tone.

“Then please wait a moment Young Madam.”

As the guard ran to inform his masters, Merly Yurin looked at her guardian spirit.

Madam Ross smiled gently. “Should we look the interesting thing now?”

“Okay then.”

Then, Merly asked permission to stroll around Yashura Family’s huge courtyard. She entered the green and wide garden.

“Where is it?” asked Merly Yurin.

“That lion statue…” answered Madam Ross back with a whisper.

“Lion statue? What’s special about it?”

“There’s a sleeping beast spirit sleeping inside. But its consciousness mostly is gone.”

“Can I touch it?”

“Please don’t, Darling. We shouldn’t do something disrespectful here.”

The girl obediently kept her hand away. She was interested at first but quickly got bored if all she could do was watching a dead statue. Merly Yurin quietly waited for Shira Yashura and the spirit they would meet to appear.

Besides her, the woman spirit knitted her brows tightly.

All her attention was kept by the unmoving statue, which so unremarkable that most of its surface was covered by damp moss.

Before, from distances, Madam Ross could feel the special aura came from this particular garden.

But the closer she got, the stronger aura grew, so strong that the thirteen thousand years old spirit actually felt some pressure came from it.

“What a mighty aura!” Madam Ross whispered in her mind. “What species of beast spirit that could release this kind of aura when they were sleeping?”

Madam Ross wanted to know. But she knew the rules. She couldn’t mess in the territory of another spirit unless both party willing to engage in a cold and vicious spirit-battle.


“Ol’ Shameless-Natured Spirit. Are you ready?”

“I’m born ready brat. And stop calling me with such weird name,” the roguish spirit rebuked.

“Okay then. But please don’t do a shameful thing in front of the guests,” Shira warned him.

“Brat. You actually don’t believe in me?”


“Damn you stupid pig. I will not mess around this time, believe me alright.”



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