Spirit Conductor – Prologue

Prologue – Content Little Family of Three

“Shira Yashura… I’ve been waiting for a long time to name my son by this name,” the man said.

“He’s handsome. Just like you, Jhuju,” the woman said, smiled weakly.

“Yes, yes. His great grandfather couldn’t even read his karmic luck. Just like I thought before. In the future, he’d become a strong-willed warrior who fight for his own destiny.”

The man and his wife fell silent.

It was a tender night, and the wind blew gently through the open window. Pale light from the candles lit faintly in the bedroom and warmly fell upon a healthy little baby’s face. He yawned comfortably. Then slept once again in his father’s embrace.

“I don’t have any regret,” the mother said. But she couldn’t hide the sorrow on her face.

“I know. You’re a mother now. Please keep smiling, for our baby’s sake.”

The beautiful woman sighed.

“Did you decide? Would you return after this?”



“The destiny is eternally cruel. If the prophecy you told that day is true, then, nobody can learn about this child. No one can ever know that? Or what? this child will becom…”

“Stupid wifey, don’t overthink that matter today. You just gave birth to this handsome little dumpling. Now, kiss our baby’s good-looking face. You’d feel better.”

The woman sighed once again. And the child yawned happily once again too. The little family of three felt content.

The day after that, entire Yashura Family held a big festive to welcome the baby to their big family. Whether young and old from the main or branch families, everyone was present. Except for his mother.

She disappeared from that day onward.


Tiramikal Continent.

One could tell her story way back from thousands of years ago. The once beautiful verdant green-land was rapidly changed when a great war greatly rampaged, with baptism of blood plagued all over the land, converting dozens million of lush forests into a hopeless golden dry barren ground.

The great war said above, was a sorrowful history for people of Tiramikal Continent.

It was said a great, but mad general who rose to fame suddenly led the bloody campaign against the heaven, mindlessly killing heroes and gods alike, until one day he was assassinated by an alliance of enemies with the aid of a traitor from his own ranks. Many people got inspired by his great and brave persona—or madness and brutality if one saw him from another perspective. Thus, survivors of great battle agreed to refer their wrecked land by his last name: Tiramikal.

There are still some good lands, of course. But in Tiramikal Continent, the small portion of green grounds was monopolized by the aristocracy. Naturally, this led the dividing classes amongst people arose. The best land was occupied by grand factions, whether the strongest faction or greatest clan or even, royal family to establish capitals for their respective kingdom.

Because of that, human villages was ranked first, second, and third judged by their economic and political power.

Badril Village, an ordinary place where the household of Yashura lived, was ranked third hundreds of years ago.


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